Sidechain Compressor Usage In Renoise

OK, i wanna use sidechain compressors (and i use them already, lol) in renoise to drop the level of the bassline and/or pads, when kick drum hits. I saw some tutorials how big boys do that in Logic and usually there comes a separate track with kick drum and sidechain compressor with send option and it’s being muted, so it only gives the signal but is not heard. This doesn’t work in Renoise, if i mute the kick, sidechaining doesn’t work, the problem is that there are some patterns where i have no kick drum playing, but i still want to have that pumping bassline as like it was a mutet kick drum track to send sidechain compressor’s impuse to the bassline track’s sidechain compressor’s receive channel

Do you have any workarounds for that to share?

Thanks in advance

Maybe this can help…?…view=getnewpost

Still can’t wrap my head around it, though… Still experimenting! :P

Depends where is the actual output of your kick.

Tell me how you do it, and i’ll see what can i do

i´ve really tried a lot sc in renoise recently, got some good tips from here, too!

i have to say, if you want to “duck” the volume of your bass track, just duck the volume and use the AUTOMATION! it´s the easiest way and very cpu friendly.

if you need more control over your volume envelopes; the lfo technic comes in my mind, also resampling the bassline and using the instruments volume envelopes can give good results.

as plug ins i have tried out: sidekick3 and db audioware sc compressor…sorry to say that but sidekick didn´t work at all for me?!! the audioware compressor can be tweaked to give good results but eats up most of my cpu power.


CPU is not a problem
heh, it seems i’ll need to power cubase to do the trick quick for me :)

for me reaper’s ReaComp worked better then others, using rewire. From things available directly in Renoise - db Audopware sidechain compressor worked better than others, but ReaComp rules anyway:)

It is not a topic about “which SC compressor to use” or “which one works best”.

It’s about muting the source track just to send the SC send data that doesn’t work in Renoise

Mute AFTER the signal is send to the SC. That way you keep the signal intact, but ditch the sound.

you mean to place some effect after SC and fade out the volume in it?

Exactly. I add a gain after the SC and set the volume to INF. That way I mute the actual sound,
but the signal is still being processed in the sidechain compression, resulting in that typical sound on
what you sidechained, but without the (I presume?) kick.

That might work :)

Thanks for a great shortcut :)