Sidechain Metadevice

I’ve come up with yet another idea for a metadevice. Basically, this one has to do with using compressor data to control any effect parameter… ala sidechain. The metadevice would look like a compressor/limiter metadevice, but would have an effect # and a parameter # which would point to the effect/parameter you would want to change. The parameter on the effect would then sidechain to the compressor.

So that for example:
if you sidechained your lowpass filter, if the volume was loud, the cutoff would rise, making the sound more clear… but it would fade into the lowend when the volume lowered.

You could apply the effect to something like guitar distortion, making the high volume distorted while making the low volume clear… this is a good way to avoid having to noise gate your guitar to get rid of the hissing of distorted noise

Using a sidechain on something like ringmod, or a buffer synth might prove to be interesting too.

I also propose that this plugin suport keying and ducking… keying of course meaning that the parameter will follow the detected volume curve… and ducking meaning it will do the opposite, and duck out when the volume is loud.

All in all, this would not only relieve the problem of lack of proper sidechaining in Renoise, but it would also add a whole new set of processing possibilities.

Would be a nice thing to toy around, yes.

Would make me make better music, no.

But a wonderful toy, yes.
You have my support. That means a little tho.

Yes, it makes you music better.
Sidechaining is the secret of mixing, boy.

Ask bob Katz.

It makes my sound better, it does not make my music better. ;)

Or, it makes my music sound better, if I have patience to learn it’s usage. Which is a good thing I suppose. :)

Any good video demos around on sidechaining and it’s effects?

Here’s one on how to sidechain in cubase… I don’t know how good it is because I can’t listen to it while working the info desk……earch=sidechain

Something like this would be very useful for me as I like experimenting a lot with LFOs and effects. Kinda like good old control voltage. ;)

Would be cool if it had some different options, like reverse, amplitude, offset, adsr and respond to pitch and/or volume.

Imagine some LFOs controlling some of these CV-metadevices (or did anyone name this idea already?) which are controlling some LFOs, and they’re all controlling some instrument/effect… what exciting havoc you could cause. :D

Well, that’s exactly why I think this, and my envelope metadevice ideas, are good things… more control == easier to make the music you envision in your head… whether that music is very random sounding and hectic… or very structured and melodic in nature… maving more control over the parameters is a good thing… :D

How to sidechain kick & bass in renoise?

First, make a kick.
Then, make a bass.
Compress them loud and clear.

Then send them both to same send channel with mute source on.
Then add a compressor and compress.


The original suggestion is nice. Please add it to renoise.

I have kinda developed a method on how to simulate sidechaining in renoise. Anyone interested in an explanation?

How much?

please, tell us.

Okay, I’ll post a little tutorial in a few hours.

Edit: Can be found here.

I wonder if I should bump this topic…
… oh wait, it seems I already have :o

Yeah we need this.



Add to that a moving average of variable size (so it can react sluggish or even just slowly drift towards the average)… plus a version that responds to configurable frequencies in a configurable way… that would be, uhm, a good start. :w00t:

You mean an attack and release feature? That is just something you set on the compressor itself, and not the sidechaining send device…

i would seriously use this a lot!

oh my if this could also communicate between tracks or an array of parameters in different track dsp chains, wwjd!!!

i think this will compliment the already established idea, tho i must admit this is a somewhat briefly thought out idear, but here it is.

say we have parents and children in this one sidechain meta-device.
this would allow for the parents to turn to children and the children turn to parents. like a gender switch.

start with a parent sidechain metadevice on track 1
tracks 2 3 4 & 5 have been designated children.

so when the input comes through on track 1, tracks 2 3 4 & 5 would be fed.
now we put in some effects commands on tracks 2 & 3. which would briefly change tracks 2 & 3 to parents but only ‘after’ the input came through while they were children an we route those to 4 & 5.

so now we have input coming through track 1 controlling 2 & 3. however 4 & 5 is now being altered by the results of 2 & 3.

to allow us the use any audio input to control parameters across the Board! :D

No, that’s not what I meant, at least I don’t think… I mean something that influences the value that is reacted to, not something that influences how that value is reacted to.

Yeah, but surely is this is a signal being fed into a compressor for you can just adjust the threshold…

Do you mean the sensitivity of the side chain device?

Not entirely following, sorry