Sidechaining Tutorial 100% Working

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ok it s not interesting tuto…

  1. This is just sidechained compression, and will not sidechain other effect parameters

  2. Sidekick has quite a bit of lag in it’s signal

  3. Many people who have used sidekick in the latest version of Renoise, me included, are still having issues with it keeping its settings, and working in a predictable manner

  4. A native sidechain would hog less CPU than a VST, thus allowing for completely sidechained mixes

  5. Sidekick has been recommended in all of the sidechain threads, and already has more than one of it’s own dedicated threads on the forums… we know it exists… many of us have tried it, and we still don’t consider it a solution, so posting yet another thead on it is just a waste of time.

I archieved pretty neat results with this baby

i know, it wasn t for you renoise guruhs, but for begginers…

You re right… people should start with a full real sidechain… it s mistake to let them use that.

People can use sidekick if they want… but you claimed that the sidechain debate was over… and it’s not… that’s all I was saying. So, for all those people that just want their bass kick to duck their bassline, by all means, try sidekick out… it might be just what the doctor ordered.

But for the rest of us, who want better control, less lag, more reliability, and a world of options that a vst can’t give us, native sidechaining is a must. If there was a way to sidechain any effect parameter with VST, I’d be developing a VST to do so right now, but unless Taktik decides to store the parameters in shared memory or something, that’s not going to happen.

If Sunjammer’s scripting idea became more than an idea, all this would be settled. :)

Hey, I put up a “small” tutorial before making this public (you might do that also since that was your idea in the first place) but somehow I got the method you described in your topic working now without midi recording or anything…

check this “small” tutorial out. (at the bottom of the post - for now atleast.)