Sidekick V3 Question/issue

My first attempt at using sidekick… I can get it to duck my bass signal, however it squahes the sound of my kick while doing so. I thought the sound of my input signal would be unaffected…I have the first instance set up as duck(kick drum) and second instance set up as key(bass). I also tried using the bypass button on the first instance and the kick drum was still squashes, I also tried turning the settings to nil on the first instance to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks as always for your help guys.

the trick is to not assign any greek letter to the triggering (kick) track and set it to keying.

I entered a reply yesterday but it hasn’t shown up…the settings you mentioned are the settings I have it on…the kick drum sound is still altered, is this supposed to happen as sidekick is a compressor? Btw love your stuff, you are a prime example of what one could do with renoise. Would love to see tutorials from you.

i get a problem when not assigning any roman letter to the trigger. it mutest the track i apply it on. :(

Have you followed the following steps:…8855&st=40#

Do you follow?

yeah foo, thanks…I have followed those steps…I found a solution, however, I make a copy of the drum track and use that as the trigger as the sound is muted. It now works fine…i do wonder though why I can’t get it to work normally as I am following the correct steps.