Sidekickv3 By Twisted Lemon

From the website:

“The SideKickV3 is stereo and has it’s own routing system to select sidechain(s). Now you just have to load 2 Sidekick’s in 2 seperate channels and link them together. The goal was to make quick an easy solution for stereo sidechaining in VST hosts.”


I have no machine to test this out. Anyone care to give it a test-ride within Renoise?

The website is down at the moment. I will sure check this thing out.

I’ve put a copy on my server right here:

Please scan that thing for virusses or whatsoever I’m using a mac at the moment so… Also I’m not responsable for any lost or damage if you install that thing… uhm… maybe it’s better to wait till that site comes up again? :lol:

For a novice like me could you explain where I would put this and basically how to use it??

Many thanks…


The idea is to put 2 of these vst’s on different tracks and make one listen and act on the signal it receives from the other track. This vst is supposed to bridge that. The explanation is also on the site when it comes back up. But what I’ve learned is that you can select a channel (maximum of 4) by selecting A, B, C and D (displayed in greek weird symbols) where it will send and on the other end the receiver. Quick note is that the default setting is to Bypass the effect so you have to turn it on to hear or see a signal coming in.

that is nice! i wish i could do this with reaktor!
osx version?

would be nice to have a plugin which converts the signal fed in to midi-cc’s (turning them to a sort of CV). within this plugin you should be able to choose the midi output. where a program like midi-yoke would be quite handy. setting its output to midi yoke channel 3 e.g. and then in renoise select this midiyoke channel as second midi input.
one could then use this midi-cc’s and control anything with it. would come close to FLs peak controller also. and where is the thread about a scripting language within renoise… :D

So this is actually working within Renoise? I’ve been waiting for soo long to use sidechaining in Renoise. That’s the only reason I still use Logic for!

It works nicely!
I did insert one instance to bassdrum, and other instance to bass (track2).
Then select ducking one first instance, and select keying and use “Aplha” as virtual channel on second instance.
And remember to disable bypass for both of them…
Rock !

Awesome, can’t wait to get my new machine and try this one out! :yeah: Thanks for testing guys!

Finally!! Nice work Rick, this was one of the last things i needed in Renoise.

But is it working in stereo!? Cause i can remmeber a plugin called sidekick, which only worked in mono. But this may be a later version, i’ll check it out right now!

Thanks again!

Damn, it works tight like a tiger!

:yeah: :dribble:

Acctually there are plenty of such plugins that converts from notes/velocity to midicc I know you can use them with Energy XT but don’t know if they work in Renoise…

Here is atleast one that converts notes to cc.

NICE!!! Thank god we’ve finally got a sodechainer in Renoise!!!

Can someone please help me out with a rough guide on good settings for the Side Kick to let a kick cut through a deep bass.

I know it changes per song and sounds but just a rough idea would be much appreciated.


Use this one. Just experience different attack, release and treshold settings.

maybe i missed one, but i couldn’t find one that converts audio data to constant midi-cc’s. just midi note volume to cc-converters, etc…

I’ve been using this vst and just discovered that after you save the song, shutdown Renoise and restart Renoise and load up the song again the settings are lost and the Sidekick is not responding to any of the signals any more. Even when selecting the a,b,c,d channels do not work. I know this pluggy is Beta so it could be a bug but before I mail the dude can any of you confirm this? Thanks…

I use this plugin all the time now and haven’t encountered the problem you’ve stated above…

That’s odd then… It seems it cannot remember the send and receive channel on my machine. They go back to default and I can reselect them and sometimes it defaults and the channels cannot be reselected. So weird random stuff with routing within this vst. In my case that is…

plugin works nicely.
i got the same bug like rick though, which renders the whole thing unusable (for now).