Silent Way And Renoise: Unfriendly Combination?

Hello. I’m using Silent Way in other DAWs without issue. When I attempt to use Silent Way CV/gate controls in Renoise I am getting non-chromatic scaling of my pitch CVs. Others DAWs don’t have this problem, as 0db at the channel strip == 0db out from a plugin == max voltage out the sound card (no headroom).

However, Renoise appears to have some headroom and possible compression on each channel out which is interfering with the pitch CV scaling. Can someone with knowledge of the Renoise internals recommend a way in which I perfectly configure an Instrument / Track DSP to achieve 0db linearity (ie: 0db to the plugin == 0db on the channel, no compression or compensation)? Thanks in advance.

Hi phasebash, welcome to the forums.

Could track headroom have something to do with the affect you are experiencing? Each track in renoise has some headroom automatically applied.

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Eleminate the -6db headroom in the song settings or use a Gainer device on the individual channel to lift your volume level. Remember to also check the Post Fader of your track. Hope this helps. :)


Arg! Yes, this does help a lot, it doesn’t help that I’m tone deaf, but this seems to be ok. A more academic comparison with other DAWs will happen tomorrow…