Simple parallel compression via instrument effect chains


thought I’d share this even if it’s a bit simple…
easy parallel compression for kicks, snares, bass, what-have-you within the instrument editorparallel compression

dial in your frequency ranges to taste, and feel free to further effect individual bands. really useful for pumping up percussion sounds and/or bass sound design




Instrument effect chains are really cool. Very effective also for splitting bands and applying different effects depending on the freq range (example for a bass:mono low frequencies, reverb/other stuff on higher freqs)
The fact that you can recombine the splits later or route anything freely makes it even more effective ! Really awesome.

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yeah, definitely nice to throw an exciter and some subtle flange & reverb on mid/high bass freqs :metal:

I also like how it’s contained in the instrument (unless you route different chains to different tracks) making further processing easy peasy

definitely more convenient than setting up parallel compression in the mixer!

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Dude. Level 20 wizard!

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Ha! lol :mage:

more like 6th lvl

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