Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx

Could somebody not start a petition about this? Native implementing would give much more possibilities and would be much easier and result in better quality. when i only thinking on smooth zooming and scrolling functions…or fully mouse support…

happy tracking :slight_smile:

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I think the whole piano roll thing have become a political thing among the elite of Renoise. @taktik once said “until Renoise has features like a piano-roll” in a post. But that is like 5-6 years ago.

I can’t see any way that Renoise won’t benefit from adding piano roll as a view. But, it must be implemented in a familiar way. Not like a vertical thing that some people are fiddeling on about. SimplePianoroll is heading in the right direction (pun intended), thats my opinion.

As we know, for some cases Piano roll is indispensable. Even with current API limits this tool is very useful! :+1:


BTW ALT hotkey that switches between Select and Pen mode is very nice function!
Support for CTRL+Z, CTRL+Y - not sure if it can be done. Can you handle these keys? They work only in main Renoise window but Piano roll reflects them!
Select, Pen, Preview modes deserve their own hotkeys.


It should pass non handled key strokes to Renoise, but it seems you’ve found a bug. Will fix this.

That’s the reason why i need at least a “simple” piano roll :slight_smile: It so much easier and even faster, when you use key combos like ctrl+b for duplicate and so on, compared to the raw tracker view.

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This is a very good example how and why the Pianoroll is superior to tracker noteview. If you only see the picture for a few seconds, On which you can instantly grasp

  1. Which note are played
  2. How long every signle note is played
  3. How the Melody plays
  4. Better Oversight because of less needed and showed parameters (like Note off’s for instance), much better with Zooming/Scrolling functions
  5. Pianoroll can have a FX controller lane, for Renoise FX and midi Parameters too.
  6. Editing on a fully & native implemented Pianoroll is faster, more intuitiv and because of this more productive for Melody and accord building. Much faster than in Trackwindow where you have changing Notecolumns for harmonies and accords.
  7. Arpeggiators are much faster and easier to realize.

Next time on Pianoroll Discussion show this post too “Tracking only Fanboys”.


This xypad trick is so hacky, but it seems i got it working. There are several issues with this new feature, which i need to fix, before i can release this. But it works. Notes dragging via mouse.

Edit: I improved it abit more. With note scaling, note selection (invisible rectangle), move multiple notes.


Insane. Your work is much appreciated!! :sunglasses:


New version uploaded 2.0

Better mouse support for notes moving, drawing and scaling:

Mouse warping should be disabled in the Renoise preferences under GUI section.


  • feature: add mouse support for note movement, scaling and drawing
  • changed: rectangle selection needs now just one click
  • changed: better visual presentation for patterns which are shorter than grid width
  • changed: shortcut for deselect notes
  • fix: redirect non handled key combos to Renoise

Edit: I reuploaded 2.0 again, because of a small note scaling issue.


I’m getting;

" Pagenotfound

The requested page “/sites/default/files/tools/com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx” could not be found."


You mean on Renoise tool page or inside Renoise? Maybe you need to restart Renoise?

tool page

Looks like a tool page cache issue. It doesn’t show the new tool page text. I’ve also pushed the xrnx to github:

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Dragging the .xrnx from the github link above doesn’t seem to do anything here when trying to install in Renoise. Dunno if I’m doing something wrong on my end or there is something else going on?


using Renoise internal tool updater I’ve been able to update to version 2.0

Strange, drag and drop works for me. I still don’t get it, why the tool page was showing the old text. But now, everything is fine.

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Perhaps because I haven’t associated the .xrnx file extension to Renoise (yet)? It’s a blank icon atm;

This is insane! :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

@taktik time to add this natively?


A big win would be giving these talented scripters more powers so they don’t have hack their way around “problems”, like with the invisible xy pad hack to move stuff around.


Great work mate. All mousefunctions are working, but the notemoving is sluggish for me. Mouse warping i have off. Dont know where the problem is. Renoise CPU was 2-3 % but i dont know if script CPU Consumtion is showed in Renoise CPU view.

My System → Intel Sandybridge I7 2600K @ 4 x 4,3 GHz, 16 GB Ram, Samsung 850 SSD

I dont know the internas of you hack, but i noticed that you between the drag status permanently syncronize the Notstatus with the Renoise Notecolumns. Maybe it could be more performant, if you stops this at start notedragging and restart it after droping the note/notes. This had the advantage that CPU consumtion for Changing the NoteList Observables and Repaintings, thats causes further control repaintings maybe, would be stopped.

Or it becomes simply to the limits of API and Control Hacks. I dont know the possibilitys for limiting Rendercycles at your controls u used. But you should use this even if you can where it sensefully.
I keep on testing it and reporting here. :slight_smile:

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The larger the grid, the slower the rendering of the piano roll. There will certainly still be room for optimization, as this is the first version with extensive mouse support. I’ll will try to improve this more in upcoming versions.

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