Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx

Big Thanks for this Tool.
It works perfectly, very natural and its great to use it with keyboard shortcuts.
Thank you so much, keep it alive :slight_smile:


I just tried and select Instrument scale.

Need to uninstall tool and install again.
Git version on linux.

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I’ve pushed a new build to github. Please test it. You can download the xrnx from github here.

Edit: I did another push. I made changes to the index in the past. Wasn’t corrected for this scale mode. Should work now.

seems to be stable now.
but if you select any scale in instrument/ not minor or major/ in scale highlighting is C-Major.

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Did you downloaded the latest version from github? I did two changes. It should atleast change the scale, when you trigger a refresh via scroll wheel or reopening the piano roll.

There is still a little bug, where it doesn’t refresh the piano roll, after switching the scale in the instrument. I’ll check this later and post here a small update, so you can test this again.

Edit: @martblek It should work now, when you switch the instrument in the piano roll, too. And when you change the scale from the instrument.

Could I suggest a tiny feature enhancement (and feel free to ignore this if it’s a bad idea. :slight_smile: )

When duplicating a note(s) you hold shift then click and drag. Absolutely cool.

But how about allowing a retrospective shift? For the times when you decide it should have been a duplicate after you’ve already started moving notes around. For example, click and drag some chords, and then press shift (after the fact), for the duplicate function behaves same as if id pressed it beforehand. Hope that makes sense. [and in no way am i suggesting changing the main behaviour, only adding an alternative method to it]

Is that possible?
Many thanks!

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I know what you mean. Bitwig and Ableton does this. I’ll put this to my todo.

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can your tool import/load midi files? that would be a great solution for the bad midi-import natively!

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Nope, it’s just a pattern editor now. I think we as users should ask @taktik to improve midi import in future updates.


bummer. we’re asking this for 5 years now.

What are your wishes for a midi import? I currently dont need midi import at all.

-Idea: Midi Drag

com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V3.4 (for Renoise 3.3 / 3.4)

Small update with some fixes and basic midi in support for playing. No midi in recording yet, but its working with the step sequencing feature.

Full changelog:

  • feature: add basic midi in support for keyboard playing (no recording yet)
  • improved: better secondary dominants detection
  • fix: some cases of hidden notes
  • fix: wrong scale, when instrument scale highlighting is used or changed
  • fix: nil error when instrument scale highlighting is enabled

This is really awesome. But my mouse keeps reverting to the bottom left corner of the piano roll window every time I click anything, any way to fix this?

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You have to disable mouse warping in Renoise’s GUI preferences.


Thank you!


Or you can enable mouse warping compatibility mode in the Piano Roll Preferences. :wink:

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I heard new version of Piano Roll will be released soon. Piano Roll in Piano Roll.

i got an issue

  • when painting, moving, right click, left click a note, the cursor jumps to bottom left everytime
  • the sensitivity of the mouse i too high inside the roll


  • would be nice to loop a region, and the loop also fill up a pattern
  • and if this works when can set up a start point also, without touch other ideas in the roll or move notes

It’s mouse warping. When you need mouse warping, you need to enable the compatibility mode in the piano roll preferences, but sensitivity can’t be changed here. If you don’t need mouse warping, then it works best when you disable it in the Renoise preferences. This should solve your mouse jumping issue.

About looping, it uses Renoise inbuild looping shortcuts (block looping / numpad enter). User defined loop regions is currently not possible, but on todo. About starting point, I’ll add an option for it, so it can be changed.