Stylus Rmx Midi Drag And Drop

Hi there,

a very cool feature in stylus is the ability to drag and drop midi data from the grooves into your DAW.
i thought it was cool that i could also drag and drop this data into a renoise track. the only thing that i find a little strange in this regard is that i’m forced to close and then reopen stylus rmx to succesfully do this.

it’s not a big deal, just a little hickup in workflow… any thoughts?

Renoise interprets drag and drop MIDI data as a “midi song” and then usually starts “importing” the song.
Whatever you have done currently will vanish because the import overwrites the current song contents.
It is in consideration to change the interpretation of drag and drop of midi data snippets.

ah now i see.

thanks for the clarification. well, i for one vote for an extension of the midi drag and drop behaviour :wink: