Drag 'n Drop Midi To Track

im still having problems with importing midi to a different track,as i see it a easy way to work around this,is to be able to drag n drop a midi file to the instrument-tracks in the right upper corner

would this be an option???

you can’t drag and drop midi in renoise ( not yet ) …only way is to open a midi file …or opening different renoise instances and copy paste bewteen them
DRAg and drop midi files +1

i know you cant drag n drop midi in renoise now,but it would be a very handy feature,and im having problems with copy paste midi when i open 2 instances of renoise,it just wont paste

so therefor i made this thread

copy&paste from an instance to another definitely works, so you are doing something wrong in the process.

when some sort of audio-midi clip/pattern arranger becomes reality in future Renoise, surely importing midi files in existing projects would be implemented. Till that day :slight_smile: , as already been said, copy & paste.

Hmm that’s a very interesting suggestion. I would use that feature.

i still have to try and see what im doing wrong when i try to copy-paste from one instance to another

but thought i would bump the drag n drop feature request :D

Yeah, this would be an excellent addition. I do not know why it’s not available yet, but it sure would save a ton of time. Got me some MIDI chords, because I’m not a classically trained musician. Yeah, I can open each chord as a new Instrument, but it is a tedious method.

  1. I can’t actually hear the chord before it’s turned into a separate instrument.
  2. No instrument ‘sound’ is assigned to the chord once it is opened as a new track.
  3. I then have to copy/paste the chord over to the track I’d like for it to be heard on, then I change the instrument number, then I adjust the amount of columns so I can see all of the notes (imagine these beautiful neo-soul chords, they’re stacked).

Yeah, it’s not hard, but it’s a slow-down.