Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx

As NPC1 mentioned, its mouse warping. If you dont need it, you can disable it in the Renoise settings:

When you need mouse warping, you can enable the compatibility mode in the piano roll settings:

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com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V4.1 (for Renoise 3.3 / 3.4)

Bug fixing update.

Full changelog:

  • new: waveform analyzer keyboard shortcut: add “Oszillos Mega Scope” and “VISION 4X” support
  • new: add preference to change note scaling when new notes are drawn (more like logic / bitwig)
  • new: option to change text style of timeline
  • new: Mouse warping info dialog, when its enabled
  • changed: add color option for loop range selections
  • changed: increase upper notes count of chord ghost tracks
  • changed: don’t switch to pattern view, when piano roll is opened via mixer context menu
  • changed: allow y movement on scale button click, when note wasn’t scaled
  • changed: muted note columns are now internally skipped and will not be visible in the piano roll
  • fix: broken loop range detection for timeline
  • fix: don’t restore focus on note control refresh
  • fix: missing mute / solo states
  • fix: handle track off state also as mute, similar like in mixer view

Download: Simple Pianoroll | Renoise


a note in the last row with delay parameter causes GUI to flicker while looping 2 patterns

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weird… now it works properly… ah. i see. it glitches when follow position scroll is on

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I’ll check this. Do you use Renoise UI scaling?

yes, 125%

Mhn, its working fine for me. Do you have a screenshot or a demo song?

I sent you a private message.

Yep, i’ve send you a message back.

Edit: Fixed in the next version.

com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V4.2 (for Renoise 3.3 / 3.4)

Another small bug fixing update.

Full changelog:

  • new: add option to support wide fonts
  • changed: minor optimizations for view builder dialog code
  • fix: broken window size, when note is longer than piano roll window

Download: Simple Pianoroll | Renoise


I’m not sure what am I doing wrong here but I can’t seem to preview notes when using this tool , no sound playing till I click on play .also I believe many of the options are not working for me as they are supposed to (like changing loop positions) Maybe there is a setting or something I should check?

For note preview, you need to enable the OSC server in the Renoise settings:

Or check here:

What options doesn’t work for you?