Simple Question. Please Help!

Hello Renoise peopls…

I really want to support Re noise and buy the 2.8

but before i do that i need to know if its possible to move the renoise program from one pc to an other with out violating anything? - i would only be using it on one computer. its just that i know im gonna be buying a new computer in the not so distant future (because the one i have now is sjit)

Please carefully read the information on our website. It explains everything you need to know.

nice one… thanks

And if you want to save some money, hurry up and participate in DDRC - deadline is tomorrow noon UK time! ;)

Hello! I’m new here…

Is there any possible way to change note writing keys? Id like to make it work like q=C w=C# e=D r=D# t=E y=F etc. shows how Renoise normally allows you to write.

Welcome nipa,

inside of renoise you can’t do this AFAIK, but maybe check AutoHotkey. I never really worked with it, but tried it just for fun. I made a remapping (or should I say unmapping) of some of the usual renoise note keys, so you only could use the keys for F Major. It was pretty easy to do.

That is not possible. The keyboard option is a convenience feature as in offering at least a poor-man’s key input device when not capable of using a midi-in interface. (Like composing on laptops in a train).
If you are using Renoise on a desktop machine or are having a soundinterface with a Midi in option you are highly advised to use a midi input device. Then you can attach devices that have this kind of layout you prefer.

Ok thanks, your answer didn’t surprise me at all :P. I would really like to own one of those continuum fingerboards…

It is somewhere high on my wishlist, but my wallet disapproves.