Final Dead Dog Renoise Competition

Voting is over, a winner has risen to the top, the true cream separated from the whey!

Congratulation to Djeroek!!! Maybe better know by some as Jonas the Plugexpert.

  1. TwoThreeZero
  2. Kmaxi
  3. Insanity
  4. Pheelit
  5. Ostrogoth
  6. DubKidFlash
  7. Dunks
  8. KURTZ
  9. Garfferen
  10. mxb
  11. The Bellows
    12. Djeroek
  12. Kin F
  13. John E Bolacha

Tracking time is over, now you need to get your listening heads on. Some awesome entries this round to wrap your ears around!!

Vote packs:

Soundcloud Set:

Deadline for voting is 12 noon UK time on Wednesday 26th September

Well as most of you know I’m taking a break from running these regular competitions, maybe I’ll come back to it at some point in the future. Who knows…

Anyway as a parting gift I’ve decided to include a prize for the final round!!

[center]*** 1st Place Winner will receive a Renoise ***
*** Licence/Upgrade for a person of their choice! ***[/center]

Rules are quite simple for this round (but I’ll use the usual format below as well.) I have provided a sample pack, out of which there is one obviously named sample that must be used somewhere, somehow in your track. You may also use any samples from your own library (meaning they could be created with external software or hardware etc.) The final track must be playable using just a standard Renoise install though.

Deadline for submissions is 12noon, UK time Wednesday 12th Spetember 2012 (one month)

Tempo: Any
Genre: Any
Time Signature: Any
Compulsory Sample: MUST USE from provided pack.
Additional Rules: The compulsory sample above must be use in some way, shape or form in the track. Otherwise you are allowed to use any of your own samples alongside those provided in the pack. The final submission must play in a basic Renoise install though.
Submissions: Please submit links for download to me via PM so we can keep voting closed. .XRNS file must be submitted! Preferably alongside an audio file (mp3 320kbs preferred.)

Sample pack:

a simple rule and an attractive prize :w00t: : that’s the right formula (!), I’m sure that we’ll see a bit more participants this time ^_^. I’m grabbing the pack. I see that The Bellows allready started his track ; I’ll probably compose mine during… sunday september 9th :lol:, but maybe, should I start it sooner, so that I can finish it in beauty (and not in a hurry like before).

This is the compulsory sample, but not FB Video compressed :wink:

Haha, hell yeah! :yeah:

i’ll get to work on something

well, this is interesting… :)

Yes. The .xrns project file has to be provided for the competition (with an option audio file with it, demo users can provide just the .xrns then I can render myself for the vote pack.) Therefore no mastering effects can be allowed. No third party plugins at all within the submitted song. Although, as earlier mentioned, you could generate sections using said plugs, render and load into the song.

In fact you could create the entire song in Cubase, render each track as stem, load each into Renoise and probably almost nobody would notice during voting as I imaging most people only listen to the audio files and most those who don’t probably don’t look all that closely to the project half the time…

hey TwoThreeeZero :) ! the previous DDRC rounds didn’t allowed the usage of external vst or vsti plugins, pushing competitors to use 100% native techniques, and apparently, in this last round, kazakore didn’t mentionned anything about it in the rules… but since a standard renoise install is NOT bundled with any external VSTs, it’s highly probable that playing your final track with ONLY a standard Renoise installation will display errors like “missing VST …blabla.DLL” and it won’t sound as expected.

(crap kazakore replied faster than me :lol:)

Need to get this more exposure!

I posted on the Facebook page for Renoise.

I don’t really use G+ but guess something could go there somewhere. Not sure the best way with that one…

I don’t use Twitter at all and don’t have an account!

Tempted to make a thread pointing people here in the General section but cross-posting isn’t really the right thing to do.

How to get more contestants?? Not sure I believe just having such a good prize is enough… ;)

Maybe there could be a post on KVR audio forum? The ‘Hosts’ section?

BTW I’m trying hard to convince myself that this is an absolute must to enter thing. but I’m not good with deadlines and I don’t want to say I enter and then chicken out like an a-hole. Aaaargh.

controversial. :lol:

Well 6 people like the thread so hopefully we get at least 6 entries… ;)

far better that 2 - or 1

I will (most likely) participate in this final DDRC.

Even I am interested in how I will be able to utilize that mandatory sample. Haven’t thought about a song yet.

Working on something, not sure if I’m going to make the deadline though.

I’m in

me too i will try to do something

Still got 2 weeks, should be plenty of time ;)

Well, I’ve started writing songs now (as opposed to just tools).

I may enter, pending other committments.

I’m in.

I’m almost certainly in.