Simple Slice Marker Creating Script

Hi everyone, here is a small script to create evenly spaced slice markers

3454 dot.dotdot.SimpleSlicer.xrnx
<Edit - advice taken, “com.renoise” name prefix changed>

To use it:
Select “Simple Slicer…” from the sample menu
3451 renoise_simple_slicer_1.png

This dialog will open
3452 renoise_simple_slicer.png

Slices are created at a regular spacing as specified by the “Slices/Minute” value and are aligned to the “Align Sample” value.
Enter the desired values (expressions such as “150/16” are also accepted) and then press “Create”.

Alternatively you can make a selection in the sample editor and then…
Press “From start of selection” - slices are aligned to the start-of-selection (keeping existing slices/minute)

Press “Sync start of selection” - slices/minute is nudged so that a slice starts exactly on the start-of-selection (keeping existing align value)

Press “Create from selection” - create slices synchronized with the selected region


Cool, thanks! :drummer:

happy even slices

Hi darrell.

Welcome to Renoise and thanks for the nice tool!

The only comment I would make is do not use com.renoise prefix for your own tools (i.e. com.renoise.SimpleSlicer could be com.dbarrell.SimpleSlicer) as this prefix is to be used by the Renoise team only.

Other than that, nicely done!

Hi, ok - name changed

Cool! Only thing I don’t get is, why would you want to type in the value in slices per minute?

“slices/minute” can mean “beats/minute” if you want a slice every beat (and you roughly know the BPM) or “beats/minute/16” if you want it every 16 beats (you can actually enter say 150/16 for a slice every 16 beats at 150 BPM)

You can also choose the units for the slice frequency as “samples/slice” or “seconds/slice” instead if you wish

Bling bling !, cool, thank you very very much sir.

Quick test seems to take care of this request: Snap To Selection In The Sample Editor

I’m a bit baffled about how to use this. I am trying to slice a 4 bar loop at 110 bpm into 16 slices per bar, so I would get 64 slices, correct? So I enter “110/16” at “slice/minute” and should be all set. Alas, when I click “Create”, it tells me it created “-0” slices. When I click “Create from selection”, it tells me I haven’t selected anything, even though I just selected the WHOLE sample. It does seem to work when I select part of the sample, but that it not what I want. What the heck am I doing wrong?

I don’t get it either. All I want is to take any loop and slice it into 16 evenly spaced slices (irrespective of the BPM of the sample). How do I do this?

easiest way as far as I can tell is setting the snap mode in the sample editor to the wished slice amount, lets say 16th, make one 16th block selection in your sample and press ‘create from selection’ in the Sample Slicer’s tool gui.

Thanks for the answer. Seems unneccessarily complicated. I might write my own tool for this at some point.

hey fladd!
of course, there already is a tool for that: SliceNExact v1
shortcut, then up/down/left/right, then enter. check it out.

I’m a bit late in replying, but for reference…

what you actually wanted to enter was 110*16 for slices/minute