Simple(?) Suggestions

Hi everybody.

I don’t want to propose any “bells & whistles” for the next Renoise versions.
Just 3 simple (i believe) things to make our lives easies :slight_smile:

A. Ability to have the right modifiers keys available for shortcut combinations
(RCtrl+Space, RShift+C, etc)

B. Delete selection (and not “cut”) by pressing the “delete” key (when a selection is made).

C. A better way of navigating between patterns. I think the implementation of this needs
a total re-design. It would be much better if the pattern sequence would not be affected
by pattern navigation. I would like, for instance, to jump to pattern 3 from pattern 1 without
changing anything in the pattern sequence. Of course there could be some kind of switch
to enable/disable the pattern navigation and the pattern sequence.
To expand the whole idea, it would be very useful if we could have some kind of pattern map
(maybe beneath the pattern sequence column). Small numbered boxes representing patterns.
So by clicking on them you could quickly navigate to whatever pattern you want. Used patterns
could be highlighted in order to distinguish them from the empty ones. Of course many things
could be done here to further extent the usability of the pattern map. For instance, drag 'n drop
to rearrange patterns etc.

That’s all (for now :slight_smile:

A: you can already rearrange these in the keyboard settings, it will warn you for already existing mappings (stop / play / play-record etc.) but if that is your choice then you could assign playing and recording under different keys.

C:There are many users that desire a new pattern arranger that have similar ideas, i believe this was put on Martinal’s to-do plate (though he is still too busy with his private life currently).

But when i press RCtrl+Space, RCtrl is disappearing leaving only “Space” as a key combination!

How do you navigate through patterns?

You don’t have to change anything in the pattern sequence when you navigate it.
Do you scroll with the scrollbar or by pressing lCtrl+up down keys?

You can also drag n drop patterns in the pattern sequence to rearrange them

Edit: I wrote rCtrl when I meant LCtrl. Corrected.

this is because RCTRL and RSHIFT are reserved for play and record respectively.

there have been a long discussion about this reservation

Ewps, i thought you wanted to move play / stop etc. functionality under different keys.
No, right side modifyer keys aren’t usable in that way. But you can reassign the functions that are assigned to them under different keys.

Here’s the Pattern Map as i imagine it.

So do you mean that Renoise should be able to play several patterns at once? Or is it just for navigation?

I still don’t get what you mean when you say: That the pattern sequence should not be affected by navigation.
Because imo its not affected by navigation.

Are you looking for a simple way to edit/test making patterns that you might not use in the final composition?
And you want a way to try out new patterns without affecting the song structure?

Atleast that is something I miss.

There have been suggestions on how to add pattern sequences but I right now I´m not going to search for them.

Just for easy navigation-management.

Yes, absolutely.

When i navigate through patterns using Ctrl+Arrows, the pattern number in the current sequence position changes to whatever pattern i’m at the time!

many users coming from Impulse Tracker ask this. Actually, I’ve never found this useful until yesterday, when I used Renoise live together with acoustic musicians. I felt the need for a way to edit a pattern while playing another one, and also the editing should be mute (i.e.: the note inserted in the pattern being edited should not be played when written).

The first play-one,edit-another feature could be a simple switch, just like the pattern follow one.

Nice to see more people are getting into live use. :) I suggested a “song follow” toggle a while back… here. Would be really useful IMO.