simulating keyboard input via midi control?

Is there a way to do that?

For example if I want to trigger with a midi keyboard [shift]+[cursor down] or [delete] on my PC - does such a tool exist? Eventually already integrated in Renoise? :slight_smile:

ah, maybe I already found something:

ah, maybe I already found something:


Another option might be xRules. Or edit your copy of GlobalMidiActions.lua

Map MIDI commands to Lua code to invoke Renoise operations.

The advantage with this is that you would not have to always be sure Renoise had keyboard focus.

Downside: You need to learn a bit of Lua, and perhaps not everything doable via keyboard has a code equivalent.

Thanks, Neurogami. The xRules look interesting indeed. Currently my problem is, I cannot afford to learn another programming language, if I want to learn more about music and be a little bit productive at the same time. That has been my challenge all the time. In the beginning I bought a Midi keyboard to learn the piano, then I realized my space is too small for a keyboard, then I got lost in learning DAWs, solving midi problems, and such technical things and almost forgot the initial idea to learn how to make music :-). To be honest I learned a lot in the meanwhile, because I started with zero knowledge. Now I know more about all these effects, eq, how to patch a synth to make it sound funny or interesting, and more. I guess it would require at least 4 or 6 weeks of my spare time to get the basics of a new language (of course it depends on its complexity). And I am sure I could benefit from it, sooner or later - as it (LUA) seems to be implemented in Renoise, and in other places as well. But, for now… I try to postpone it.

My question came up, when someone in the “off topic” forum asked if it is possible to control everything in Renoise with the MIDI controller functions in the Novation Circuit. I played with it for an afternoon and came to the insight that Circuit is a much better controller than I expected from it and midi mapping works great in Renoise, just simple editing functions that I usually reach via keyboard input - such as select some notes, delete them - are not yet implemented.

If I am right, Novation Circuit can send 260 different triggers or notes, and 9 fader knobs can send up to 33 different CC signals. Also, it works as a velocity sensitive keyboard that knows some scales. If someone wants to use it I guess it would make sense, to consider creating an own midi mapping for the various screens (editor, sampler, etc.) or for various workflows . And with a “MIDI -> keyboard input” translation I could map even what’s not mappable by default, and maybe even switch between different mappings via the MIDI controller.

I think it is kind of fascinating to use fader knobs to move in the X and Y direction through the columns and rows in the Renoise editor, entering notes, transposing them, muting or soloing tracks etc. via MIDI input. If it is really useful or necessary for my case, is another question. I think no, as my desk is rather small (there’s no space for controllers), the screenfont size is rather small - so I can see everything better sitting directly at my desk, and also reach everything fast enough via PC keyboard and mouse :slight_smile:

Maybe I will still try it a little bit, but then I must go back to making some noise. If I come to new insights how to integrate Circuit and Renoise, I’ll post it here.

I own Bome. It’s cool, but somewhat tricky to configure. And also some things didn’t function as expected. But you should give it a try. As far as I can remember I once mapped midi events to keystrokes in Reaper or so … Ah I’ve forgotten it.

Not sure that Bome will work, I remember this ancient thread:

Maybe things have changed in the meantime, I don’t know?

But, as someone who has dabbled a lot with MIDI controllers, I would think twice before mapping everything to a button.
First of all, you probably use a lot more keyboard combinations than you are aware of. Possibly hundreds of actions, and many of them shared with other programs, so part of that muscle memory that you don’t even have to think about.

And that says: yes, you can recreate and map pretty much everything you do on screen to a controller. But the more complex it gets, the more you need to orient yourself with the screen anyway. And then, all you really managed to do was to get yourself a very expensive MIDI replacement for PC keyboard. And forcing yourself to retrain the muscle memory on top of that :slight_smile:

That said, this suggestion by Conner_Bw is probably the one bringing MIDI and keyboard shortcuts together in the simplest possible manner:

Don’t know if it helps, but AFAIK you can map just any Renoise keyboard shortcuts + tools shortcuts to any midi control, using the Renoise midi map.

I still had no time to try it . :slight_smile: and thank you, I am warned. :slight_smile:

ffx, I didn’t find this in the Renoise Midi Mapping dialogue box, that’s why I asked here. Basically every function is supported, just two or three things are missing (or I didn’t find them among all the options), such as “delete”, “backspace”, etc. - but I can also live with it.

Actually I do not have enough space for a resident controller on my desk, :wink: but I was curious to know if that would work to control Renoise completely with a midi controller from my armchair without an extra tool. But I come to the decision that it makes no sense.

It is better to stay closer to the computer screen and to use the keyboard, as it is already a very efficient user interface. Why replace it if it already works well? And too many tiny information on the screen - I cannot recognize them from the distance with my weak eyes. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to have a small controller for effects, mixer or whatever. Works like a charm!

:panic: crazy idea: maybe someone is able to make a Renoise firmware for the MPC touch or something similar with display… then we would be able to do it from the armchair.