Single-Click Pattern Navigate (Oct 2018)

This is an old helper tool I wrote that may be useful somene else:

USAGE: Single-click to change selected track, with no row jumping.

It means that you can single-click to the next track in the pattern editor without the cursor jumping up/down rows, regardless of whether edit mode is enabled or not.

  • It does this by following the pattern selection with a timer, so there is a slight lag (~200ms), but I find it`s worth it for the consistancy + not jumping rows.

  • You can still double-click to jump to a particular row if you like

  • A limitation is that you have to click outside a present selection for it to work, I`ve found this becomes second nature after a short while though.

You need to disable ‘Single Click to Set Cursor In Edit Mode’ in renoise preferences:

Enable and Disable the tool through the renoise tool browser (enabled by default once installed - may need to load new song before it works)