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(CosmiqFMC) #21 4 cosmiq too :) Oh and a free members page from my ISP, for spamming around crappy tests.

(ashy!mpala) #22

There are websites which offer free but reliable and fantastic web-hostings. I use, 250MB free web-hosting with 2GBs of bandwidth. It’s also very easy to use cPanel to upload and organize your songs.

EDIT at Oct 15th 07: Sorrily has given up free hosting :(

(dolly) #23

yeah, i’m on soundclick… you can’t whack unlimited storage, can you? :yeah: my main band account on there has something like 229 songs. ^_^

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(carmazine) #25

If you’re a scener or you coop’ with some sceners you can create an account…

(Binary Pulse) #26

Check out MusicFreedom. It’s the best. :guitar:

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(dufey) #28

Norwegian site, lets you upload … well, I’ve got 10 songs up there so far. Pluss, if they like what they hear, they’ll put you on the radio.

(Bill) #29

BestSharing has unlimited storage space with a 125MB filesize limit. Haven’t tried it myself yet, but it looks pretty good.

Also, lists free hosting sites, categorized (and searchable) by features, so you can take your pick.

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Mediafire is free.
If you’re only doing one or two songs it only takes like ten seconds.
Plus, you don’t have to make an account.

(hryx) #32

On Google Sites you can have attachments up to 10MB. It’s similar to the old Geocities, but it’s harder to make it look super shitty. Creating sites is free, though it requires a Google/Gmail account, which is also free.

(Moss) #33

I would like to upload my music onto a home page, so i can send a link to specific songs of mine on sites such as the renoise forum.
For example, www.mysite.(whatever)/mysong.
i dont mind what host i use be it google or whatever, just so long as the link i provide goes straight to a page, with a standalone player, playing the song…
how do i do this!?
Thanks for any help in advance

p.s. I use Reverbnation otherwise

(vadarfone) #34 is cool

(It-Alien) #35

two of the most famous sites are missin in the list: and; not just FTP sites, but places where promote your music to a larger audience. may also be considered but I really dislike it.

(Moss) #36

Why? its got great facilities, widgets are provided for everything from promoting tunes with standalone players, to collecting a mailing list, posting schedules on different sites.
It draws up charts by analysing your fan list, even telling you if you appeal more to the female demographic than male.
I haven’t even explored it all.
Whats there to dislike?

(It-Alien) #37

the free uploads are limited to 8MB per song. if you need to upload larger files you have to use the “mega upload artist feature”, $2.95/month or $29.95/year.

this is enough for me to skip it.

(kazakore) #38

Recently I’ve been using for 320kbs mixes as it’s filesize limit is huge (1GB or 10 hours upload time) and unlimited total space and no time limits before files are deleted. Good for people who just want an easy bit of space to use and no bells. Aimed at gamers but quite a few people seem to use it for music nowadays.

Recently seen a few friends using which seems to be alright. Originally set up for Mac, especially Garage Band, users but don’t think they are strict on that at all. Seems to be quite good for getting feedback from people as well.

(Moss) #39

fair play, didnt notice that.

(ColKowalski) #40 is great.

Also, hello :D