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(Prickly_AI) #41

(FranciscooC) #42

The user gets 5GB on their free account. MP3 files could be played back without download. The PREMIUM plan is reasonable I think, for 100GB of storage and the same amount for Internet traffic. :)

I chose them over Mediafire since I don’t have a PayPal account and I don’t want to create one. Also, I have to store files other than music.

(EatMe) #43

  • 50 free mp3 slots (replaceable)
  • member profile
  • reviews of your songs on details page
  • flash player on profile and/or song detail pages
  • songs can be arranged in albums
  • videos can be uploaded for songs (max: 100 MB, reencoded to .flv)
  • option: MP3’s downloadable
  • max upload MP3 size: 20 MB
  • custom URL user/artistname to your profile
  • unlimited mp3 slots / max. 50 MB MP3 uploads for USD 1.50 / month

I have been member for long time and I really like the reviews on the site.

(pompei) #44

I usually upload on Soundcloud or TDS (Treble Death System)

I personally like TDS because they have a nice community, and I can actually get feedback on my songs.

(bedawang) #45

I recently discovered dropbox. You get 2Gb for free, putting your stuff in the public folder and sharing it with the world seems to work perfectly flawless.

(magOwl) #46

Yeah dropbox is very nice, been uisng it a while now. No problems what so ever.

(slippycurb) #47

get a gig or so to put whatever up

(EatMe) #48 - free artist community for artists from Belgium - free artist community for artists from The Netherlands - free artist community for artists from France - free artist community for artists from the United Kingdom - free artist community for artists from Italy

  • mp3 hosting with any creative commons license
  • unlimited mp3 song uploads in any quality
  • unlimited downloads
  • embeddable song(s) player
  • only for artists from mentioned countries

(Shytan) #49

Hello, Renoise users!

May I humbly present yet another tracker community site to upload songs to.

Formerly known as Initially built as a place to host Jeskola Buzz songs (hence the title),
now RNS/XRNS formats (as well as other kinds of tracker modules) are supported. Not to mention MP3/OGG, of course.
All submissions are released under the Creative Commons license.

Feel free to get registered and share your music with the community.
Musicians from the Renoise tracking scene are always welcome.

(hseiken) #50

Just a tip from me…if you have friends in the IT stuff or run a webpage or whatever, they can host you sometimes for free, especially if they don’t get much traffic. I have 2 subdomains from two separate friends that i pay nothing for and have virtually unlimited storage on both. One of them I didn’t even ask for…so if you got friends, chances are one or more of them may have solutions for you. You just have to have nerdy company I guess. :)

Edit: To clarify, they pay a host, the host gives them access to create subdomains…for instance, I have a subdomain on which is hosted by dreamhost, and iiichan’s owner pays the fees. He subdomained me 2 subdomains creating ftp logins and file tree just for my login. I didn’t mean have a friend actually working at a webhosting company. The company simply takes money from someone in exchange for storage and bandwidth. Beyond that, they don’t give a crap what you do with that storage and bandwidth.

(EatMe) #51


This site seems to be the next thing.

For DJ sets and own made music.

Free user profiles: mp3 upload, max. downloads 5000

Paid profiles: flac wav aiff upload and more downloads

web players

embeddable set and track players

custom buy link

custum text info with automatic urlmaking

creative commons, all rights, no rights reserved choices

possible sales per paypal for 10% for them

original renamed to on-site info files represented in the download (with ID3 tags kept)

podcast creation of uploads

very clear terms of use (that you retain all rights of content provided)

fast interface and service

free listening

I like this site. I have added 169 tunes.

my profile:

keep up!

(EatMe) #52

artist profile / music uploading
1 GB free mp3 uploading space (paid Pro plans available)
clear Terms Of Service (you remain owner of your content)

(EatMe) #53

artist profile / music uploading

350 MB of space for music (mp3/wav) and graphics

linking to youtube videos possible

clear Terms Of Service (you remain owner of your content)

(packjam) #54

Trap music made with Renoise 3.1

I find bandcamp sounds better then soundcloud wich is a bit louder

(packjam) #55

(af95) #56

hey everyone! found about this site on the WeAreTheMusicMakers sub-reddit, it’s called Fan Burst:

So far, I really like the clean layout and the upload system. They also allow you to create a playlist and upload entire albums/eps and the listener can click Download and it packs it all in a zip, just like Bandcamp.

The only downside is that, since it’s still in development, there are some missing features like tags and such. I tweeted the team a few days ago and they said they are working on that and plan to implement it soon. =)

(EatMe) #57 - another new site to upload songs to… Seems promising. You can also upload art and literature, next to music, free unlimited upload space!

(sokoban) #58

I’m afraid nobody already mentioned MySpace!

Yes it’s an oldschool near to death website but you can upload 50 songs (max 2Gb in totality), group them by albums, add cover, etc…

And you can link to other artists, since it is also something like a social network…

(sokoban) #59

HEARTHIS.AT, already mentioned by EatMe in 2015, has justcompletely removed the play and download limitations from free accounts! Now with a free account, you canupload 1000 MB per week but only MP3 files. You can upload tracks from your computer, SoundCloud (track or complete profile), MixCloud (track or complete profile), Facebook, DropBox and even more… The tracks can be sorted.