slice sample into equal slices

I have an Elektron Octatrack. Much in the same way as Renoise, you can slice samples. This is a common method to get a full drum kit on a single track for example. Anyway, I have a large library of these things, and I would love to use them in Renoise too. I can use the slicer in Renoise, but I don’t see a way to slice these into 2,4,6,8,12,16…64 equal slices. I can set it to 50% and let the tool guess, but it always requires some cleanup.

Is there a way to split into equally sized slices and I’m just missing it?

There is at least:

after what you can use:

to avoid writing the resulting chops in the pattern editor

Saying a huge THANKS to Fladd and dBlue, by the way, for these “everyday-I-use-them” tools.

Also have a look there, and find other tools that would suits your needs:

chop sample. perfection!