Slider fine adjusting with mousewheel

BTW: Taktik, please add a feature, that was avialable in past releases:
device bars fine adjusting with mousewheel
It was avialable in 1.5, and it was very usefull! I can’t accustomize without it all the time even till now - 1.9…
Please-Please-Please! You’ve promised to reanimate it :)

I’ve asked about it here before:

ctrl+mousewheel: finetuning
mousewheel only: regular tweaking


Yeah, this would be really nice. I think the mouse wheel sensitivity should be somewhere between clicking the knobs and dragging the sliders. Around eight full finger rolls for a slider?

Yeah great ideas!
Hoping that Taktik will reanimate this small and invisible but very essential feature.

Next beta is out, but this feature not reanimated :( I’m totally sad

since there is no “[done]” tag at the beginning of the topic title, this is nothing to be surprised of.

you are free to be sad about it, though :)