Sliding Instrument Midi Control and Automation

There doesn’t seem to be any way to slide or interpolate between the device’s parameter values in the pattern editor fx column. I’m talking about a fx command for internal hi res, sample rate slides. I’d like to be able to slide and/or interpolate between values just like with samples. Old school vst and midi automation please:)

Sample rate slide? What are you talking about? :thinking:
Are you talking about sliding notes when using VSTs? If yes then check this thread. You’ve got 3 options.
Or do you want to manipulate specific values of a VST instrument? If yes then use the Instrument Automation device. You can do quite the same with plugins than with samples, but you can’t do it the same way. Pattern effect commands usually affect samples only. If you want to do the same with plugins you will have to automate stuff.

By sample rate I mean high resolution and not interpolating fx values in the fx column. I don’t mean note slides, but device parameters slides with pattern fx.I don’t want to use the automation curves.

I suppose there is a workaround for this: adding uninterpolated values in the patter editor’s fx column, and later copying the values to automation with a script and truing on curves.

I got that script going with some other stuff, and I also got screen recorder.

Renoise automation - YouTube

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