Small change, big result, a list of small suggestions

Here is a list of feature improvements, which may be relatively easy and quick to implement. Feel free to add your own ideas and comments to others’ posts in here, but please only try to add easy stuff (no pianoroll, no changes requiring API changes etc.), stay on topic and only one post per person. Thanks. This also is not meant to be very important, but nice to have. So since Taktik’s time is limited, it probably won’t be added.

  1. VU meters The peak bar currently falls down always. Instead it could behave just like Melda plugins, so the bar stays on peak and resets each 3 seconds or so. Then you could read the actual peak value much more easily. Additionally the exact peak value in dB will be shown in the tooltip on mouse-over

  2. PDC report It currently lacks a bit of useful info, e.g. even a empty track will be listed with the maximum latency, so the report actually does not show the actual latency of the track, but instead the internal latency calculation or so. It also could be somehow sorted and displayed in a table :slight_smile:

  3. Sequence section title If you add a section to the sequence, it will be usually displayed on the right, with enough horizontal space. But if you also expand the comments in the sequence, the section title moves to the column of the comments, which is very limited in space. Instead the section title could stay in the right area.

  4. Copy/paste automation Each slider automation indicator could provide “copy automation in song/copy automation in pattern” and “paste automation” in its context menu, so cross copying of automation was nicely easy and integrated into Renoise. Currently it is only possible with a lot of clicks and actions or using a tool.

  5. Moving fx automation If a plugin/fx was moved to another track, it should keep all automation. You still then can delete the automation.

  6. Selection in matrix In the adv. tools it would be helpful to have a selection in matrix option.

  7. Dithering is render option Moving the dithering option from global options to the render dialogue, just as it is common in most other DAWs (except if there was a good reason to have it while playing live, too, not 100% sure, are there still 16bit soundcards or so? Cheap anti-denormalization?). Currently it is very easy to forget the Renoise dithering completely.

  8. Keep vol/pan at device chain paste While pasting a device chain, pre- and post gain and panning faders will be reseted. Instead, at least the pre-gain/panning should stay untouched (or copied along with the device chain), since the pre-section usually is related to the generator, not to the followed fx. Personally I would even prefer that the post-volume / panning also stays untouched. I think the pre-gain/panning actually is accessible as first device in the chain.

  9. Playing on send tracks For setting up a send track, it was helpful, if you actually could live play the selected instrument in the send track, as long as the cursor stays on it.
    What do you think about these suggestions?


Hey, nice to read this!
Sorry for my bad words about devs, but I’m what I’m. My easy stuff are:

  1. Please add fx chains in plugins window, just like in sampler.
  2. Adjustable loop crossfade in sampler.
  3. Possibility modulate loop start and end markers.

3# available with live looper tool?


Some EZ ideas:

  1. Unlimited paths for VST scan
  2. Better system to retrieve effects & instruments (hastags, colors, personal categories, visual plugin picker, sort by author, display plugin name or DLL filename…) (there are already favorites, cool, but not enough for me)

Thank you guys. But I think a some of your suggestions may not be “easy” / pretty complex to program, for instance “adding a parallel container device”, “adding fx chains to vstis” is not easy. I more meant minor workflow changes, some simple algorithmic/iterative additions, some little visual improvement, without the need to change the API or the song structure. Ok it is may be pretty subjective, but I hope you get what I mean.


My small change for Linux (MacOSX?) users. Maybe pick up an export variable from the shell environment (like with VST_PATH) for the placement of the Renoise library directory? Saves having to have/create a symlink in the home directory:

$ export RENOISE_USER_LIBRARY=/my/renoise/library/directory/

Not much for the idea of a fixed ($HOME) path in the program.


And let’s not forget selection in matrix (you can select slots in the PM). But it’s already been mentioned many times, I suppose.


Uh yes, I actually meant that. Will corrected my post.


Yes, please. And if it’s a midi-automation device, hydra device or a similar device that depends on an instr. ID or track ID, a warning + option for reassigning should show

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Another small improvement that might fit?

When drag’n’dropping a DSP device from far left to far right in a track with many devices, it takes quite a long time for the GUI to scroll before you can release it at the end. Some usual accelleration routine would be nice there, making it scroll really fast when you eagerly hover the pointer as far to the right as possible.

Well… there’s always the mixer view…


Another one: just allow send track sending to itself.

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automated processing of samples into a renoise/redux instrument with a custom template of my choice, levels adjested samples cut, dc corrects, looping the samples accuretly into a perfectly tuned instrument, the ability to load multiple phrazes at once. the ability to fully level and dc correct all samples automatically and convert into custom templates from existing instruments

so yeah id say this is a small change with really big results

A detached Doofer Window with more than 8 knobzz maybe 16 if posible and aslo some On//of Buttons.

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I think there was a tool for that, “batch” something or so? Note that often also tools for 2.8 can work (not sample related ones though).

That is not a small change, since so many things in Renoise/Redux depend on those 8 knobs.

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Decide what to render out more specifically.
I imagine an extra option In Render Options something like this:

  • Save each track into a separate file
  • Save each pattern into a separate file
  • Save each track/group marked for render into a separate file

Maybe you could get a tree view like quickly sketched below and check what you’d like to render or just have a checkbox on each track saying “Render to file [x]”.



Here is a small tweak that would avoid some annoyance that happens to me quite regularly:

I often set a sequence loop to some chorus or sth. But after using the duplicate-pattern icon in the sequence list (on a pattern before the marked loop), the loop is getting offset, so I have to manually set it again.

It would be nice if the marked loop is shifted whenever some sequence-pattern is inserted before it.


Other small feature I would like to see is to remove the “double selection” systems that are very confusing to me.

Double selection system of the pattern editor:
(Am I on orange line 00 or on dark transparent orange line 04?)

Double selection system of the pattern sequence matrix:
(Am I on dotted lighter line 0 or on surrounded line 1?)

And perhaps it’s already possible, but I would like to be in record mode by default when I click in the pattern editor. I made so much mistakes because I was not where I thought and in the mode I thought…

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@sokoban. You are confusing “the position” as if it were “another selection”. But the position is not “a selection”. Therefore there is no “double selection”. Get used to understanding it like this. In the sequence “position” is always the surrounded slot that contains the sequence index and the pattern index. In the pattern editor, “the position” is the box that points to the cursor. Both cases always exist. Instead, “the selection” may appear or disappear.

A common confusion is to be inside the matrix thinking that you are within the pattern editor. A good method to make no mistake is to correctly control the [SHIFT + ESC] and [ESC] commands, visually checking the frame of each panel at all times ([ESC] inside matrix not work!). Further, some themes (skins) worsen the visual control of all these issues.


an update once a year.

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