Smartly Save Midi Mappings When Saving Dsp Chain

I thought I would be smart and create an automation device, map it to the controls on my keyboard and save it so I could reuse it any time. Didn’t seem to save Midi mappings and even if it did I was afraid it would save it to be mapped at whatever track I saved it at.

I would like to be able to save Midi Mappings with a device chain and have it be smart enough so that any Track specific mappings would be updated with the appropriate track when I load it. So if I created the device on track 1 and loaded it to track 4 it would automatically be mapped for track 4. Also if cutting and pasting of devices doesn’t work this way already, it would be great if it did.


I’m just sat here trying to figure out how to persist a particular VST MIDI mapping but slowly coming to the conclusion that it is impossible. (Unless saved in a template song and always used in the same place.)


How would that work out? How could the program know what channel to use in which track? Would we need midi channels assignable to tracks?

I would rather vote for local and global midi controls like there are in so many daws. So you could make desired MIDI controls to affect only when the track is selected, and some at global scale. And/or alternatively global MIDI mode switch that would switch between track editing and song control, maybe embedded in record switch. Or even MIDI mapping presets for global control.