Smooth Pitch Bend Wheel Slides

Hi. In the past I’ve done pitch bends by specifying an M1 command with values incrementing from 4000 thru 7FFF.

The problem I have at the moment is that I require a quick pitch bend that needs to be smooth. I don’t have enough “lines per beat” in my pattern to achieve this and I don’t really want to increase the lines per beat.

Isn’t there a way to use automation to control the pitch bend? I can use Automation for panning no problem, but I only have Panning, Volume and Width automation parameters that I can effect. How can I get the pitch bend controller into the Automation list?

You might want to use the “Instr. MIDI Control”-Meta device. In the Meta device select the synth to control, switch to “automation”-tab and select the Meta device in the Mixer view. All available automations for the MIDI Control will show up then.

Edit: Oh, and of course, don’t forget to switch the PB control to ON in the Instr. MIDI Control before.

But will be nice if the realtime-recorded Controller / PB while recording will be automatic placed in the automationlines and not in the pattern-automationrows.

And because that I´m searching for a way too, and don´t find it. The only way I actualy found, was to switch MIDI-Remotecontrol to controller, but this does not work with PB-Wheel to PB.

Don´t understand why (it seems) there is no simple way to record this kind of controllers direct in controller /automation-line.

Maybe I´m blind ???

Hehe, it seems a bit like that. :) Not a problem. Again:

  1. Put the “Instr. MIDI Control”-device on your track
  2. Within the device select your synth to control
  3. Switch “Pitchbend (PB)” within the “Instr. MIDI Control”-device to ON
  4. Click on the “Automation” tab (lower left of the window)
  5. Now all available automations show up in the automation-tab(left bottom corner), incl. the Instr. MIDI Control
  6. Activate (double-click) “Pitchbend” in the automation’s parameter list (the param you 're going to control has to be checked and highlighted)
  7. Draw your automation and forget 95% of your pattern commands for the future ;)

You maybe have to scroll on the parameter list, to get to the “Instr. MIDI Control”-params. A direct click on the device in the mixer view makes you jump directly to its param list in the automation, when automation tab is active.

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Yes, the feature to “draw” it in automationline I found. I mean a chance / feature to record PB and Controller (1=Modulation) in realtime and ReNoise will place it from it´s own in the automation-line while recording. Because to place PB-Data later (after recording source) exactly like I´d done while recording is really a problem and never sounds like a musician will do while live-performance (think about sololines and those kind of musicmaterial)

This will not work here. Do you know how it works like that?? Maybe I´m silly and blind :slight_smile: but I don´t find the way that it works like that.

Well, that’s the first time you talk about recording parameter changes. Before it was only about automation. :D Nope, as far as I know, atm it’s not possible to record directly to automation.


Since this is not a feature suggestion topic, but a question about how to record pitch bend to automation: The Duplex Keyboard application can map pitchbend and channel pressure to CC’s, which you can then assign to any parameter (including the pitch-bend param- of the Instr. MIDI device).
While it allows you to record directly into an automation lane, it doesn’t increase the recording resolution. Although linear/curve interpolation goes a long way toward making the envelope appear more smooth, the automation recording resolution is still limited to one point per line.

Thanks Bit_Arts. I had a play with this lastnight - did exactly what I wanted it to do! I saw the responses regarding recording realtime automation etc… Thats something worth me thinking about in the future but I can’t play and record live anyway… so the “programming” approach is the one I’ll be taking - so thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

Ah, just realized that you didn’t actually want to record those movements.
Yes, hand-drawn envelopes are definitely the way to go then.

To spin off of this, I’m fine with recording my pitch bend and modwheel into the pattern editor, but is there any way to have BOTH parameters recorded into a pattern without overwriting each other?

if you don’t want to record to automations curves instead of pattern data, you can still record both pitch and mod wheel by writing data into two separate tracks:

3545 Schermata.png

here I have set both pitch and mod wheel to center for instrument 01.

this paragraph explains how to switch between recording to pattern data and automation curves; the secon method allows to record more precisely, easily, fast and allows to record more than one MIDI parameter on the same track at the same row