Smooth Scrolling When Playing

I was just thinking how it would look like, if the rows were smooth scrolling up. I think it would be more pleasing for the eye, and more easy to get the big picture of your module this way.

This should ofcourse only happen when playing, since you have to be on a row when editing :rolleyes:

I rather save my CPU-power for other things than for eye-candy. When Renoise is playing then as little as possible of the CPU-processing time shall go to the GUI…

true about saving GUI power and resources… …

but you’re right Garf, it would look pretty wicked.

I acutally think it would be rather disturbing, because now (when patternscrolling is on) you just lock your eyes on one spot on the screen and evey line kind of flashes by (or is switched or something). now if it would scrool smoothly I think it would become very exhausting because your eyes constantly need to refocus and concentrate on a new line … I guess they would be jumping up and down all the time. I think its like reading a text-line which is constantly scrolling up and down.
so, I really dont know but think this might not be a good idea. but maybe taktik will make it an option so we all can see whats better.

Here’s a flash demo of it, flash suck at scrolling but i think the idea can be perceived.

Smooth scroll demo

Ofcourse this is a very bad idea, if it take away precious CPU power!
Edit: i just removed the music, it was more frustrating than helpfull.

I totally agree with looza on this one…

points to you though , garf, for taking time to make such a nice illustration but I have to say that I felt a headache breaking and I want Renoising to be pain-free. :D

okay, i have too much spare time, so i updated the demo. Try clicking anywhere to switch between the two modes. I get more of a headache when it scrolls 9 pixels at a time.

OK, I’ll be honest. After vewing the demo I begun to hate this idea :rolleyes:

I think it’s a thing you get used to, though I’m used to the “snappy” scroll-type … :)

However! Kudos for the great demonstration!! Very nice.

edit: maybe you should lay off the tracking and use all your time for web design? ;)

thx, but i’m afraid the web business are not what it used to be… i’ve been working in it for 6 years, but unfortunately not anymore.

Anyway, i personally still like this idea. I can much better register the notes this way, the jerky one is hard for the eyes if you are not fixed on a spot.

I think the smooth scroll is much better. Guess its something you need to get used to.

Try to dim the color of non data in the background of the pattern (zeros, dots and dash).
Maybe that helps.

you sure make your point when you make it, don’t you? ;) but Im still not convinced… maybe this is something you get used to, maybe with higher res this would be inevitable, maybe this is a nicer display-mode, maybe maybe…
but it feels like looking out of a fast moving train or car… eyes don’t stick to anything and if you concentrate and force them that headache’ll be a fact… maybe I don’t like it for the simple reason that old habits die hard (used my first tracker some 18 years back… it’s ALWAYS been like this! heh… errm…) :)

no, but seriously, if this ever becomes an issue I’ll opt for variable ‘pixel-speed’ or optional smooth-scroll on/off…
caters to all tastes I reckon…

I’m never against such ideas if their an option. If I will [Bhave to[/B] look on smooth scrolled editor I think I’ll puke on my keyboard…

I’d really like to see smooth scrolling implemented. It could be optional, so you can turn it on or off, but for me personally, I hate the jerky scrolling, I want to be able to read the data easily as it moves up the screen, and jerky scrolling is VERY bad for your eyes (or at least, for my eyes).

I don’t think that the current pattern-scrolling is the best way to save cpu resources … I think that there is a way to make the scrolling smoother and at the same time saving more cpu resources, by using gfx-card features only … but i’m no coder - don’t know exactly … but there are so much smoother scrolling stuff without any resources in other applications …

i think it would be cool.

while we’re taking bites out of the cpu pool can we munch up a couple more by making the enlarged center row do parabolic zooming? :lol:

yeah … lets add some psycho wobbeling fx too :lol: