Sneak Preview Of Upcoming New Tool (2.7)

Edit: This tool has been released now. Read more here.

Hi all,

I’ve been busy coding away over the last few weeks working on a secret tool for the upcoming Renoise 2.7.

Please see this ‘teaser’ screenshot:

The tool is pretty self-explanatory, but some parts may have been obscured in the screenshot as I don’t want to give too much away just yet! :P

To those couple of people who know more about this tool, please keep quiet about it for now. ;)

No idea what your tool is about but if there was just some way to import different sample and instrument formats…

It would be awesome if your tool had a MIDI Merger.

Great stuff Mxb, hoping for soundfont & rex support!

What is that?

Can’t wait for WAV support!!!

Unscramble the secret message, nor could I !!

currently supported instrument formats:

Renoise 1.8
Renoise 2.0
Renoise 2.1
Renoise 2.6

? :D

mxb this looks like something realy special a lot of people waiting for.

it be handy to import multiple MIDI files into one song into separate tracks.

About time we got that 1 !!

Wow :ph34r:

I was hoping to be capable of importing the good old Amiga ST-XX samplesets again.

While WAV import would be a w e s o m e, maybe Akai / REX / SF2 would be fun too ;)

Hopefully this won’t only import .vaw .calf .ffia and .3pm and .mr

Bumping thread with a redirect, as the tool is now released.

good job on the 2.7 relase, mxb! (=