So I'm losing my hearing.

I was diagnosed with Ménierès a few months back. I was having random episodes of lowered hearing for a year or so, and after some extensive tests, this is what the doctors were left with. It turns out my hearing was already very deteriorated but I failed to notice it because it has happened slowly. I have in effect lost most of my low frequency hearing in my right (your left) ear. The thing seems to have enjoyed a remission for some months now, but for the last couple of days I’ve been using both hearing aids I was given after the diagnosis. Normally I’ve just been cranking the right one (your left one).
I guess I just want to point out that your hearing is not a given fact. It’s something you should enjoy as much as you can while you have it, and by all means possible make that while last long.
I still hope to enjoy some renoising, but knowing the syndrome’s expected progression profile, I’m not expecting to be that golden eared mixing master anymore. :wink: Also I have no clue as to how long it will take for my hearing to be completely useless. Or if it will ever get there. It’s a bitch.
Anyways - I suppose Ménierè’s would be a syndrome of such rarity that no-one here has first or maybe second hand experiences of it? (I sure didn’t before my diagnosis…)

don’t know what to say but i hope you’ll be able to cope somehow. ):

I have a similar hearing problem from a jaw disorder called TMJ…have you tried taking potassium supplements? Sounds crazy but it works pretty well for all sorts of inner ear problems.

Oh man, sorry to hear that :(
I hope you find some way of dealing with it or slowing it down.

Did you get an MRI or anything?

aww, my condolences :c

I’ve been worried about something like that eventually happening to me, but I’m sure you’ll still be able to keep doing what you love!

So sorry to hear that, man. I suffer myself from tinnitus

If you google Dana White Meniere’s, you can perhaps gain more information on the subject… he talked about it before the surgery.

Here is a video blog of him before, during, and after the surgery. Warning: Graphic, so if you don’t like blood or hospital scenes, don’t watch it.
The video is posted on the official UFC youtube page. He’s the President of mixed martial arts organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

youtube: Dana White UFC on FOX 6 vlog day 1

Very sorry that you’re having this problem. I’ve always been scared of losing my hearing in some way, especially after coming back from a loud event and feeling my ears are angry at me. Hopefully there will be ways to allow you to not lose your hearing entirely. Best of luck!

Sorry to hear that dude, I hope your hearing loss remains intermittent. Not sure if you’ve heard of this lady but maybe she can provide a little inspiration:

Check out 10:30 on this vid…

losing hearing is bitch, having the slight hearing problems cause of sinustis, but at least i am curable

Hey, thanks for the responses, everybody! I think I’m pretty okay with it all in all. It could be due to being a father, you know, not being all that worried about just self, having somebody else to take care of. It’s more like an annoyance right now. Some days I could be fine, except maybe that lower freq part, but some days it’s just impossible to make music.

I think potassium has come up when researching this stuff on the web. Seems that taking potassium supplements should be discussed with a doctor beforehand, though. Too much could mean problems as well…?

Um, if MRI means being stripped and laid inside a huge metal donut then yep, I got one. They scanned the ears (or something I dunno…) to rule out some possible reasons for hearing loss. Tumors, that is. No acoustic neuroma found.

I think the good part about this condition is that the tinnitus has built up really slowly. I hear it constantly (I could try and pinpoint some frequencies actually…) but it’s not bothering me. I don’t notice it at all if I don’t specifically put my mind on it. Hope your’s is as ‘benevolent’ one.

NOOO0000ooo… I hate everyhting graphic related to surgery etc… Ahm… Ugh… So, thanks for the link but… I’ll pass! :D/> the bad thing about surgery I’ve understood is that it normally is done more for the sake of getting rid of the vertigo, and not repairing (or stopping the progression of) hearing loss. But I’m not really an expert there…
Although I’m already a good way in being comfortable with this, it’s always inspiring/motivating/encouraging to know people have gotten through the issue just fine. One thing that’s been really weird to experience is that although I had to go through a private clinic to get this thing diagnosed (as the communal health service could not recognize the condition), I’m finally getting my paid taxes back in form of healthcare. My hearing aids were free for example, and the MRI plus visits to the public hospital were dirt cheap too. So, it’s really not that bad.

That one I watched. Never heard of E.G. before, but seems like an inspirational figure.

So, I noticed that my OP might’ve been a tad whiny or over-sentimental. I’m blaming the excellent Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel I enjoyed during writing that, haha… :D/> But to clarify, I’m not bidding my farewells to music just yet. I think it could get really interesting still, but I’ll have to adjust my expectations somewhat. It’s just hearing fer chrissakes. :drummer:/> :walkman:/> :guitar:/>

My grandfather messed up his inner ears when he was in the military which means he has both tinnitus and meniere’s. I know how much it has troubled him so I really feel for you KMaki.

Bad to hear this and the other posters with their hearing issues. Hope the medics can help you manage/improve as much as possible!

It`s cool that being a father gives you a certain perspective on this aswell kMaki!

All the best

Also this movie is kind of dreadful and cheesy but pretty awesome, funny and inspiring at the same time if that makes sense:

There is also an increasing number of products out there that are based on kinetic-acoustic technology that allow you to literally feel the music:

There is another similar new device featured in this months Sound on Sound magazine which I read at work but don’t have to hand - a new seat pad that looks like a massage device and is laid over a normal studio/office chair and allows you to physically monitor the LF through your spine when mixing.

I hope you will still be around mate. I can’t imagine how hard this is for you. Hope you find a way in life… I find it very brave you opened up here. deep respect!

That’s terrible bro, hope the symptoms don’t progress much

My hearing is not good and I’m pretty sure it’s getting worse. I think that when I speak with people (particularly people who speak softly or mumble), my brain subconsciously does a lot of inference (sometimes with embarrassing results). I will really miss it when it’s gone.

I’ve often thought if I got to the point where I simply couldn’t do music that I would try to get into writing generative visual art, to parlay my programming ability and aesthetic taste into something that’s at least unique, even if my visual arts training and drawing ability is limited.

I can totally relate to that… haha. The last few years (maybe even ten or so…?) it seems to have been a downward slope in hearing conversation in a noisy environment. I was totally blown away when trying the hearing aid for the first time. It really was an eye opener. At first I was a bit ambiguous about the whole device-in-ya-ear -thing, but in the end, i totally enjoy it. Not only does it help with my hearing, it also gives me an excuse for not hearing everything, and lastly, I like how it throws some people off balance! I’ve always been very reserved in social situations (introvertish, if you will), and it’s a total treat to see OTHER people fumble and not being sure about how to behave. Haha. So it’s all good, except maybe for the, you know, hearing-the-sounds thing. Heh.

To be fair, I’ve “kinda known” something was wrong for maybe some years now. So the actual diagnosis is not that much of a shock anymore. And I’ve had my time to feel depressed, despaired, angry, hopeless etc… But you know, in the distant past, one profession I was thinking about was a studio engineer. What a blow it would’ve been in such a profession. I’m just a lucky bastard because music is just a hobby for me!

Well. Life gets to you, and you deal with it. B)

Wow. I don’t know what to say other than good luck.

Whatever happens, I’m sure you will live just as long and just as fulfilled as the rest of us.