So... is it gonna happen this year?

So… is it gonna happen this year?

You need to be more specific.

I think not :unsure:/>

Impulse Tracker support is not happening guys. Stop asking for this.

It all depends on you and the girl in question. I’d suggest that you approach her gently, maybe give her a bunch of flowers and at least go to a theatre or something before you try.

No December 31 in the year 3013 so freeze yourself…and don’t see Wiener.

Nah, this is the Year of Luigi.







please use this thread for these kind of highly suggestive speculations

Isn’t this thread just a thread in the towel you should keep moist and ready for when RENOISE3 messes up your face with all kinds of RENOSIE3 stuff you have to keep wiping off your face so you can actually see the awesomeness that is RENOSIE3 on your monitor? That’s kinda cool(i guess), but kinda gross, RENOISE3, you dirty, dirty DAW of a tracker!!!

GOOD IDEA!@!!$!%


Noppes , you’ e gonna stay a virgin forever

Maybe it happened already, but we’ll see.

Guys! It’s going to happen this year! :panic: