So This Is Tv Now, Huh?

So I watched 3 episodes of jersey shore with my co worker. Wtf? A reality show about a bunch of testosterone loaded guidos “creepin” on girls with cops
pretty much in every episode. How do shows like this become successful? Tell me if I’m wrong, but it’s like watching a bunch of retards going at it…

I have not been watching much tele the past few years. The news on occasion and perhaps a good movie if it is on.
I’m not really into hyped program concepts actually, there are loads of them on screen, that’s why i stopped watching.


Yehman, TV sucks. It’s all about the internet and having control over what you watch.
Adverts are equally fucked…
I can’t help but get a sinking feeling when i switch it on… :(
It’s like being forcefed all different kinds of poo.

If you haven’t watched House, you haven’t watched TV.

My wife and I are now watching tv-episodes as DVD. Two and a Half Men, Buffy and the Big Bang Theory are my favourites. I did not watch TV since half a year…

Your fired.

Screw DVD. Why do that when you can download shows? :P

Bonus-Stuff nobody watches? ;)

Bonus-Stuff nobody watches? … You can get that on youtube :P

Doesn’t youtube have those screens anymore?

This content has been removed due to a copyright claim by a f*cking annoying hollywood studio who pays more lawyers than good screenwriters.

The content you want to see is not visible to people from your 3rd world country, although you might see it, if you pay our overpayed producers

agree with byte-smasher, house is cool. and my favorite at the moment is “my name is earl”. but only the original english version. the german version sucks!

I stoppped watching 7 years ago ( I don’t have a t.v. ,not even a roof above my head …)
… we still have some good quality programs over here ( belgium ) , mostly broadcasted after midnight , but the mayority of what is on t.v. is crap ,like everywhere else .
So I don’t really bother and just rent some good quality dvd’s …and watch you tube …

I don’t know prison break But this sounds much like what happened in ‘twin peaks’ they caught the murderer and then it went on and on …

Yeah I don’t like how Italians are stereotyped as it is. I cannot tell you how many girls have told me that I am most likely dishonest/not faithful because I am Italian-American.

“All Italian guys cheat!”

or do you have any family members in the mafia? And it’s said with such anticipation; likes it would be exciting knowing your family consists of criminals.

At the same time… I hate to say I find some of it amusing. I have never watched an episode. I guess the fact that I don’t own a television would be a legitimate reason. Television is too passive. I would rather sit on wikipedia reading articles or making music/taking photos.

I did view some clips on youtube. I do have some male family members who fit that stereotype. I felt as if I was watching them. Pathetic.

I don’t see a problem with it as long as people understand all Italians are not like that, but many people view us that way…

IMO, good writers are doing TV shows, not movies: BSG Galactica, Dexter, House, The Big Bang Theory, In treatment, etc. This are some tv shows I have enjoyed lately. In fact that’s the only thing I enjoy about TV, this kind of shows (ok, some sporadic sports too). I try to stay away of reality shows.

I agree, I don’t think TV has ever been any better than now. For films/movies it’s best to just shun about everything with merketting campaigns. Dexter is a favorite of mine, big bang theory is great, The L word is awesome with chicks. Lost I started watching about the 4th or 5th season and I truly enjoy that show. Fringe has Everything. The Office & Smallville are a lot of fun to watch too. Bored to Death is a Riot.

I just started watching The Big Bang Theory … and holy shit is it ever funny.

…at least, if you’re a geek.

Me and my friend just sat down and watched the entire season on We have never laughed more in our lives. This is my theory as to why it’s so successful: If you are smart enough to critically think of the show and break it down, its edited in such a fashion that you can mindlessly enjoy the drama and the angst involved. But if you’re smart enough to break it down, you realize that the editing makes them all look irrational and stupid. So it becomes a comedy. A really funny comedy.

I shamelessly love the show, and I am more than excited for a second season.

I don’t have a TV :)