[Solved] Anyone On Osx Lion ? Crashes Renoise Here...


I was wondering if anyone is already on osx lion with a working renoise ?

I updated OSX but renoise crashes when i open up a track. I Downgraded using the time machine but forgot to write down the error reports… sorry

Maybe the problem is a plugin, just hoping someone else found out… else i will install lion again and try to give usefull error reports. :(

What version of Renoise were you using?

There was a known Lion bug, but it was fixed in version 2.7.2 a few weeks ago.

Were you using 2.7.1 or lower?


Which exact version of Renoise are you using? In Renoise 2.7.2 we fixed an important bug that was affecting Lion, triggered by the tooltips in Renoise. Could it possibly be related to this? Or does Renoise simply crash the instant you load a song?

Edit: Beaten to the punch by Conner :)

I thought i was up to date but looking at the version now it looks i was behind. It was 2.7.0 … Damn that is stupid :unsure:

I will update renoise and OSX so we can see if it works now!

Thanks a lot, this was the fastest forum response ever :yeah:

Keep you posted.

ALLRIGHT! problem solved :rolleyes:

Thanks for the help.