Renoise 2.7.2 - Maintenance Release & Update For Osx Lion

Hey all,

We’ve released a small maintenance today, Renoise 2.7.2 which fixes one urgent problem for the upcoming OSX Lion release, and a few other quirks & problems. Mostly Lua scripting related stuff.

OSX Lion is not yet available, but will be very soon. According to apple some when soon this month.

The new Renoise builds are available at:




no use for me personally, but i appreciate the effort as always. nice to see the emphasis on stability: lots of ‘this could crash renoise’ bugfixes.


PS: “Current Versions” widget on the front page needs an update.

A pity the recording notes undo wasn’t made optional in this release, that would have been another chapter we could have closed.

There is. See [Solved 2.7.2] Renoise 2.7.1 Still Unable To Handle A Lot Of Input Not please

Still no word on the c-media usb mono device? :)

thanks for update.

regarding the amount of bugs and small maintanance releases I think 2.7 beta testing ended too early.

That’s an interesting thought! I was just thinking the other day that World War II dragged on much too long!

:P Just being cheeky, cheers, enjoy your evening ;)

Oh and well done Renoise 2.7.2. Unstoppable!

We can’t include this “fix” in a small maintenance update. This needs testing and thus a big beta. Sorry.

Then the 2.7 beta would have last a !few months! more. Another month of testing for sure wouldn’t have hurt, but I got the impression at the end of the 2.7 beta, that people only got more and more disappointed that we didn’t implemented lots of feature wishes anymore - in order to remain things stable. Nevertheless should keep this in mind for the next round.

On the other hand, most of the .1 fixed stuff is scripting API stuff, which is far far to complex to be “completely” covered by a public beta. New tools and new people discover more holes to plug. There are in summary too many possible holes that could in theory cause small quirks or bigger bugs. I think we have to live in this case with small updates. Obviously can’t ensure that all the open paths and possibilities the API gives you are tested within a few month.

I’m glad you did not take my post as an personal atack. My impression is that releases before 2.7.0 were rock solid and 2.7 was not first release to bring “big” features - 1.8 was complex too (I think). I understand your impression though.

More small releases approach is a good one, I don’t critize you. Just wanted to share a thought and see how others think.

Exactly what I thought! Can you sir do a mind reading? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can, and what’s more I can give a blessing by the name of our most holy Renoise, amen.

i don’t post often, but i just need to say “yeaaa thanks!” for the fix about multisample XI in mac os x :)
i had to switch to my windows partition meanwhile !

cheers :)

Just upgraded to Lion here. Everything sweet so far. Man that reverse scrolling is a bit of a head-spin! Keep doing the opposite ;)