[Solved]Creating pop free synth loops without crossfading

Yo! How do you do this? I’ve been trying to use the fine loop editor to get the start and end point on the zero crossing but I can’t quite get it right, it’s always slightly off.

For example, I found this file for this classic UT99 tune and found that the bass loop popped in renoise. I can’t work out how to remove it without noticeably changing the tone of the original piece :(

So, what do I do?

Thanks guys!

Check to see if the sample should have a bidirectional(pingpong)loop. Impulse tracker instruments seem to import as forward looping no matter what they were set to in impulse tracker (in my experience). That’s the problem with the droning bass in this choon, anyway.

Right! I will do that. :)
Assuming that I wished to have a forward looping synth sample how would I go about creating a pop free loop?

Is this the instrument you are talking about? Hard to do, without changing the sound, “at least a little bit.” I only got it, when I faded out the tail a bit, and moved the first loop-point a bit to the right on the timeline…

I dunno, you just have to keep, “tweakin @ it,” and you might be able to get it better than that…

https://www.box.com/s/awj173w89p2uqjgy8gpc <-- is a xrni file

When opening TECHN~46.WAV in OpenMPT or Schism, you will see that it’s set to bidirectional looping. Open in Renoise, see looping is set to forward. Just select ping pong in renoise and the instrument plays as the maker intended it.

About the posters other question, well, damn… that’s a hell of a question. At least he didn’t ask “Now how, exactly, do i play guitar?” on a forum. I couldn’t help him much in so many words, but maybe you can.

Come to think of it, would be nice to find a good text on looping and sample making.

edit: don’t wanna be discouraging at all, it’s not really that hard but practice and experimenting is required. actually, sometimes it’s really hard and sometimes it’s not. if it’s too hard then maybe you just have the wrong approach or it’s a sample that’s just not gonna work out. determining this might require some experience and in this way, sample making is kind of like a miniature version of songwriting. maybe you see what i’m talking about? why some people say “sampling is an art”. maybe you can dig up some old texts on sampling and looping in general. a lot of information you can get off of old sampler and synth geeks can be applied in one way or another to renoise. there are things you can do to make things much easier, like turning off your synth’s chorus for one thing… or approaching a synth patch as layers of oscillators, sampling and looping each ‘layer’ separately (turn off all but one osc, sample that, and repeat) and relayering them in your renoise, makes looping detuned patches easy when they are usually fairly difficult. etc.

Hmm, well that seems about as close as I got. So this isn’t an easy task, good. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some obvious trick most of all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks guys

You might be able to get some results using the sample offset command and apply a reverb or delay to the channel, render that to sample and then find the proper pop-less loop in there.
I have seen someone posting an example on this board using the granular offset bound trick to get this seamless loop.

Wow, some great tips. Thanks vV!

at the end of that video I was dying for some old school jungle breaks to come in over that pad :D

Yeah, was cool. I learned something. Nice new school tip. I’m very old fashioned because I’ve stuck myself in a room with modplug and an asr-x pro for too long, i guess. Wow!