[Solved]Exporting stems in a group

Hi guys,

Each time I have to export stems from Renoise, I have to destroy my groups or else I will have multiple takes of the same sound.

If I have a ride that is in a group cymbals that is in a group drums, I will have 3 ride sounds on my stems!

Which is obviously not what I want.

Is there a way to control this? To say to Renoise “don’t export sound twice, only export the final track in the routing”.

I just sent stems for mastering and I’ve been told by the sound engineer that it’s a bloody mess.


No, no way to control this.

What you can do is name the tracks that you want to send to the engineer. A simple thing I do is use CAPS to name group tracks that should be used for mixing. You could also prefix / suffix them with STEM.

So in your case I might have:


** cymbals

  • ride

Then when I export everything, I know to only send over the DRUMS.wav file.

Basically, just use some naming convention to identify the files to be used for mixing / mastering.

It might seem annoying or like extra work, but it allows you to save multiple layers of sounds to mess with later if you want…

Ok, thank you for your response.