[Solved] Hide Parameters In Automation Editor

Effect and instrument browsers have option to hide effects and instruments and similar feature would be really useful for parameter browser of automation editor. It’s really rare I need to automate more than two or three parameters and rest of the parameters are just taking space and making the browsing slow.

And if we get option to hide/unhide parameters it would make sense to have ‘Hide unautomated parameters’ option.

hiding option is only available for VST effects and instruments. you didn’t say that specifically but i suppose you meant that so i thought i’d clarify.

is your request geared towards hiding of VST automation parameters as well? or all automation parameters? if you are talking about hiding VST automation parameters, it has been requested before, here: https://forum.renoise.com/t/user-defined-parameter-sliders/31996

You can show only parameters which have existing Automation, so once you have at least one bit entered for the parameters you can hide all others until you want to add some for a newly automated parameter. Click the little button that says Only next to the Search box in the Automation parameter list.

So, in short: It already exists.

Excellent. Almost exactly what I was looking for. Just didn’t know it exists already.