[Solved] Keyboard Suddenly Stopped Working

just a small question regarding renoise 2.0 on an intel quad core PC,
although my pc keyboard is working normally in windows and other applications, it now has stopped
working in renoise.

any idea on this? maybe a function turned off or so, but couldn’t find anything in the settings…

anyone? as it still does not work, i cannot use renoise at the moment. are there any settings i could try?

Did you try a reinstall? Stupid but seems to work often.

There could be something wrong with your keybindings xml, maybe its location can’t be found or is overwritten?
Both should not happen but try a reinstall. My lucky guess is that it will work after this and you will have to adjust
some preferences to work like you worked before. All this should take not longer than five minutes till I’m proven wrong.
If someone knows whats wrong, how to repair it and how to prevent this please post, I would hit my head with
a brick if this happened.

The keybindings.xml can also be thrown away, it should then be automatically regenerated.

Also what exactly means “now has stopped working in renoise”. Can you still type in file names/text, or are all or just a few shortcuts no longer working? Which ones?

If all keys stopped working all of the sudden, this maybe is a DirectX issue. Updating/reinstalling DirectX may help here: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=35

the keyboard completely does not work in renoise anymore. i will try to reinstall direct x, maybe it works.
it’s somehow strange, as it worked until sept 13th without any problems, since 14. nothing, even after rebinding the keys, although i did not make any update the last days.

will post it here when i find the issue …

strange! i completely reinstalled the 2.0 version, still nothing, not a single key works… dead… a complete mystery for me, as i have deleted the keybindings…

Have you done this step yet? Renoise has always used DirectX for keyboard entry. Did you try deleting any configuration files before reinstalling the older version?

i tried to reinstall direct x 11, but as it is already installed, it does not reinstall again (message “this update is not valid for your system” or similar.
i deleted the keybinding files. which files could i also try to delete? i’m thankful for every hint on this, as i have tried several things without success.

So you are using Windows 7. I don’t know how compatible Renoise 2.0 is on Windows 7, but i know there were quite a few administrative issues which has been resolved in later versions.
One advise that you didn’t got was to try and start Renoise as administrator, because i think it doesn’t have rights to change configuration files in the specific application folders where Renoise 2.0 and lower attempts to store them.
You might have reasons not to upgrade but i strongly advise you to do so once you have the chance.

i have windows vista, and since renoise was working absolutely perfect since 3 years, this is really curious. i also tried to install 2.1 (latest version i can upgrade with my purchase), the same… i will buy the upgrade to 2.7 soon, but first need to solve the issue with the available versions.

If it worked perfectly it must have been a system update or something similar. Try to see what changed since the date of affection and see if uninstalling these changes make a difference.
If that doesn’t work out, how about a virus and malware-scan?
I didn’t knew Vista supported directX 11 nowadays, i thought that was Windows 7 and newer only.

Try the demo of 2.7.2 you don’t have to pay and you can see if it’s a OS update that doesn’t work with the older versions but does with the newest. Changes to Vista/Win7 security has caused Renoise to have to do a update to work properly again in the past.

Although I would be surprised if that stops your keyboard working entirely…

Also start dxdiag and have a looking under the Input tab and make sure it sees the keyboard with no fault. (Don’t use Vista but from XP you open Run and type ‘dxdiag’)

no viruses found … before i switch to a newer version i will try to solve it, as it worked 3 years with 2.0 perfect, and before with the lower versions also perfect.
i will try to completely uninstall it now and install the full 2.0 version again, if it won’t work then i will try another keyboard :)

Have you checked dxdiag? (I did mention above but in an edit so you may not have seen it.)

Remember to delete the application data folder, or whatever the equivalent is in Vista, before reinstalling (or rename to _backup in case you want to try and same your defined keyboard shortcuts etc.)

If you load a VST and tick the Enable Keyboard can you use the keyboard inside the VST inside Renoise?

incredible, i got it !!! one proof more what spam shit is nowadays installing with software. i had installed net framework or similar software that was needed for some application. with that, a program called “iminent” (emoticons, smilies, who needs this shit) was installed. found it under the system settings > software and uninstalled and it works. as i deinstalled step by step the programs i had installed on sept 13th i’m 100% sure this was the program. i don’t know what it does, but would be interested to know what exactly that software does. as i’m not a programmer and not firm in that, i cannot check but maybe anybody finds out. however, don’t let that crap ever on your computer, it completely blocks renoise! it was even hard to uninstall, as it opens a screen you cannot close, and if you try it will redirect on their webpage.

Didn’t think .net Framework came packaged with any shit (apart from it’s own bloat.) It’s M$ as it is. But I agree to the sentiment of always being very careful when you install anything, select Custom mode and have a look see if there’s anything you might want to change even if you doubt there will be.

it came, not from the ms site, but i saw as “iminent” stated, when uninstalling, that the net framework components will not be uninstalled with that software. however, almost all software upgrade/tools come up with “yahoo toolbars”, “free emoticons” and similar shit. as far as i remember those last spam tools were installed with my latest firefox update!

Yeah even Firefox now comes with something. There was one piece of software I almost didn’t install as it got you to read two disclaimers, one for the software you downloaded, one for a piggybacked piece of installation software. Can’t remember which bit or what it was but after a bit of reading trusted to install it. Turned out to be something that would “recommend” a piece of software, like the Yahoo Toolbar or IMinent or any other of those shoddy things, supposedly based upon what you already had installed, but at least it gave me the chance to decline installation of the extra.

Hate it when you get on other people’s computers and they have Internet Explorer open with about 5-6 different toolbars and obvious other shit over their computer and you just have to wonder why people do it to themselves!

I update Firefox through its own updater, i don’t download the separate installer packages to update so i haven’t experienced this extra crap yet.
But indeed a lot of free software comes with yahoo or ask toolbar google chrome, which annoys me to hell.
But this is something that is already happening for quite a few years so you can easily expect this kind of crap coming with it.