[Solved, Kinda] Email Notifying Of New Comments

it would be useful if the tool author would be notified of a new comment via email, at least as an account option

+1 sounds good for both the author and commenter.

I’d like a forum option to notify me of any new tools on the tools page and/or any new tool announcement threads. Is that likely to be possible with the current site/forum setup? The former is more desirable than the latter…and will be even more so as the tools section really starts to fill up :)

Click on the Watch Forum button?

Okay, for the forum, but for the tools page? Even an RSS feed from ‘Newest Additions’ would do.

(And the forum watching isn’t ideal, because that subforum is multipurpose: not just announcements but also discussion threads etc. Lower signal-to-noise :) )

Until then, Bantai has changed the browse page so that the default view shows newest additions first. Makes tracking published tools easier.

Awesome, I can bookmark the date-ordered page on my phone and check it every so often (weekly [daily ((hourly))]). Thanks Bantai :)

Works for me!

Ossum possum.

Also cool, thanks!