[Solved]Lighting Launchpad buttons with keyzones

Hey all,

I’m running Renoise on Linux (arch linux, if that matters) and I’m trying to figure out how to get my launchpad buttons to light up depending on if they correspond to notes or not.

I’ve figured out that switching to the Midi tab and setting the output device to my launchpad means that when I hit a button it will light up (and doing the same with Duplex causes the launchpad to light up in correspondence with Duplex), but I don’t know how to make it light up the buttons that have a note associated with them. For example, if I load a drum kit not all of the buttons will make renoise produce sound, but since they’re all unlit I have no idea which ones will trigger sound so I’m left guessing.

Is this possible?

Not as a natively implemented feature, no. Renoise does not send MIDI back to controllers, excerpt basic stuff like note output and MIDI CCs.

But, what you describe is exactly how the Keyboard application in Duplex works. Is it not working for you?

That’s exactly it, thank you! I skipped over the Keyboard in Duplex because I thought it was only for midi keyboards, but I’ll definitely have to try every option from now on.