[Solved]MP3 sample import


Whenever I import MP3 samples into Renoise, they appear to be truncated. I’ve attached a sample file which should contain five consecutive kicks. However, when imported into Renoise only two kicks appear in the sample editor. Am I missing an import option somewhere?

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Renoise 64Bit - V2.8.1 running under Win7

There was a similar problem a few months ago, turned out to be related to libraries on the user’s system… can’t find the thread tho :confused:

(there was something weird with the mp3 file too, iirc)

Yeah I thought I remembered something about files being loaded but truncated but can’t find it. All threads I can find relating to mp3 have always been solved with reinstalling Quicktime (or I would recommend QT Lite instead!)

Most recent example I came across: [Solved] Some Mp3 Don't Load

Thanks for the input guys. I’ve tried to import the sample file after installing QT Lite and found the same behaviour; installed the latest QuickTime from Apple, still without success.

The release notes for Renoise 2.8.0 state:

So whatever routine Renoise is trying to use at the moment, my mp3 file seems to cause some hickup. A bit more detail: I converted the original .wav containing the five kicks using LAME under foobar2000. The resulting mp3 plays fine in foobar2000 as well as Windows Media Player. I use Renoise as a sample player for longer recordings to quickly select and repeatedly play a certain region of an mp3. Ocenaudio does exactly that; thanks for pointing me to that application and indeed the mp3 plays just fine there.

Renoise uses the system codec. It depends on the codec returning the time-size of the audio file and adds a bit to prevent files getting truncated. But apparently the Microsoft decoder is lousy in even given a reasonable time-size estimate.You have this problem a lot more with VBR mp3 than CBR mp3s:try to recode the mp3 into a steady CBR and you will notice the decoding works a lot better.

Thanks for the explanation and indeed, after encoding with a constant bit rate the resulting mp3 was imported without a problem. :walkman: