[solved] Multichannel / Multiinstrument Vsti's & Renoise

I need to equip my hardware with Hyperonics 2 and Purity VSTI’s. These instruments allows to load several program into module interface and assign each of them a different channel. So, with only one instance of Hypersonics I’m allowed to play on several midi tracks with selected channels.

Is it possible in Renoise? I know, I can load 5 or 20 intances of plugin for each track, but that’s a little uncomfortable.

I’d love to see this in Renoise. It seems like a standard VST fuctionality. Hope to see it in the next feature set vote! (or sooner :D )

Yes. this feature has been discussed HERE for the very same reason - using Kontakt, Hypersonic, any VST which has multiple outputs for mixing - can not be done in Renoise yet. It’s the one professional feature that Renoise is lacking.

:drummer: :guitar: :walkman: :D :P :w00t: :rolleyes: :yeah:

Thanks guys for getting this feature in! Awesome awesome awesomeness!