[solved] Phrase (MIDI) program changes not applied instantly

There is something strange going on, when I try switching different phrases with pattern commands or devices (or I completely not get it). It seems to me that program change happens only after the note is played, so it will always play the phrase to which it had changed before.

I tried M2 in the pan column, midi and macro device, but all behave the same. When I load the instrument into redux everything is almost fine ( I sometimes have to start the pattern twice)

Also I noticed in the Instr.macro device - right clicking on the phrase selector’s arrows will set the current number into the FX Col. rather than the phrase you were clicking to. That is a little counterintuitive I think.

I made a test file, first note in each pattern should be ‘phrase off’

6391 arptest.xrns

MIDI commands are indeed applied after everything else, while tracker commands are applied to the notes on the same line.

This is not something new, it has always worked this way in Renoise. And, to my knowledge, is how all DAWs usually work. For example, try opening the “MIDI event list” of a random sequencer and see how a program change which is perfectly aligned with some notes come after those notes.

Basically, it comes down to the order of tracks. So I think you can work around this by entering the MIDI commands in a former line/track
(or better still, use the phrase switch command - Zxx - that one WILL work on the same line). See also: PhraseMate :ph34r:

oh my, completely overlooked the Z command :smashed:thanks!

that solves all problems. I knew I missed something…

Yeah there should maybe be some mention of the Zxx command on the actual Phrase Editor page of the wiki, as of now I think it’s only mentioned in the Effect Commands page, for a while there I thought the only inline way to switch between phrases was the program change facility, which is awkward, ended up stumbling on the new Zxx command by accident later and was very glad to find it. Also I should probably just start reading release notes more closely. :blink:

ye, I think I used the Z in a previous beta but more or less avoided phrases until autoseek was implemented, so I just forgot about it. So mark this as solved or delete it.