[solved] Renoise on wine: strange broken keyboard layout?


I am using renoise on linux with wine (for testing with some VSTis).

linux version: kubuntu 16.10

wine version: wine-1.8.5 (Ubuntu 1.8.5-1ubuntu1)

rns version: 3.1.0

all fresh installs.

If I start notepad or iexplorer.exe in the fresh wine directory, my keyboard layout works as the German layout, as expected.

If I start renoise and use text input, e.g. for renaming an instrument, the German layout is used aswell. However, if I play a note, y and z key are swapped. y plays a A-4 note and z plays a C-3 note, although I would expect the other way around.

Changing the language/keyboard settings in kubuntu does not fix this behavior. If I do it, while renaming an instrument slot, the y-key results in a z char, the z-key results in a y char. But using the keyboard for playing notes exhibits still above behavior.

Anyone with similar experience and a fix?

regards, catchphrase

I had the same issues with wine. Never was able to fix it. As renoise runs natively with Linux, Wine is not a good solution nevertheless. Running VSTis with Renoise in Linux is quite easy to do. I’d install Carla. As you’re from germany, my blog can help you:


You can also use airwave to run windows vsts.


Hi guys, thanks for your pointers!

I already used to use this for bridging win VSTi under linux:



But thank you for the pointers, I will give the other two a look!

For my actual problem: I found a solution. Inspired by this post: https://linuxconfig.org/reprogram-keyboard-keys-with-xmodmap I had a look at

xmodmap -pke

and found this:

keycode 29 = y Y z Z leftarrow yen
keycode 52 = z Z y Y guillemotright U203A

Following the instructions from above post, I created a file “swapkeys” in my home directory, containing

keycode 29 = y Y y Y
keycode 52 = z Z z Z

and executed

xmodmap ~/swapkeys

and voila, renoise’s keyboard in wine is working. Because I use playonlinux to manage wine sessions, I put this as a script into the renoise shortcut.

As it seems, renoise extracts the mapping from laptop-keyboard to note-keyboard from the first entry of the xmodemap configuration.

EDIT: Well, renoise does not extract its keyboard mapping from xmodmap directly, but the changes affect the variables, where renoise does extract from, whatever they may be…

A less hacky way of fixing the problem seems to be the following:

  1. add an EN keyboard, e.g. US, as additional keyboard layout in desktop keyboard layout manager

  2. make sure it is the first configuration in the list

  3. apply

  4. change configuration via icon in status-bar to your desired configuration

Example from kubuntu:

Which results in:

keycode 29 = y Y z Z leftarrow yen
keycode 52 = z Z y Y guillemotright U203A

Which strangely is the same in your xmodmap config, but renoise works as expected and typing works as you prefer.

Cheers, catchphrase


I’m also using PlayOnLinux, and had a simillar problem.
I use Ubuntu with Cinnamon and the keyboard changes didn’t seam to apply to PlayOnLinux.
After reading this post I simply tried to change the keyboard to us before launching PlayOnLinux. Now I can play Oblivion without problems of my french keyboard dead keys.

Bonjour, tu peut m’aider j’ai le meme probleme mais je ne comprends pas l’anglais stp

L’idéal c’est que tu crée un deuxième profile clavier pour l’anglais et que tu le paramètre comme par défaut.
C’est le plus simple pour que se marche.

*Il y a plusieurs types de module qui peuvent gère le clavier et langues sous Linux dépendant de la distro que tu utilise et du programme (PlayOnLinux dans se cas) et ses paramètres. Normalement, si tu démarre POL après, il devrais prendre en charge toutes les touches, mais tu devrais considérer que tu a un QWERTY au lieu d’un AZERTY. PS: Les touches mortes, ne sont pas reconnu dans ce jeux. *