[solved] Sample DSP chain wet/dry?

I was wondering if it’s possible to adjust the final wet and dry of a sample chain? I was looking around but didn’t see anything allowing me to do that. I know I couldn’t do this in 2.8 in the mixer unless I did everything through Sends. I just want to add a few dsp and make them quiet on the sample, but most dsp don’t have wet/dry at all. The sample is on full dsp all the time and I would like to change that.

It would be really nice to have this option without having to go through a send channel. When I scroll the far-right I get the box with Pan and Volume faders for the whole sample/channel. Having a wet/dry for the whole chain would be great!

I looked at Doofer, and while it’s really nice, it also lacks such a simple feature. Maybe it would be easier to add this to Doofer as an option to load like the rest of the control options it has? It would be really cool to automate for fades, etc.


You can do it by having two chains one dry and one wet and then crossfading between them.

See the attached instrument for an example.

You can’t do this on tracks though… yet… I hope…

Having a simple slider would certainly help making this more easily (just think: I you need to replicate the chain and crossroads, any modification to the chain has to be duplicated)

I see what you did there. The macro makes such a difference than doing it before, though the process still relies on a send! Haha. Thanks for the help, now I can see how to make something similar myself for the future.

Right! I’m kind of surprised there is not a master wet/dry for each channel/chain already, because it would make things so much easier. Without using a send you’re left with everything at 100%.

How about a wet/dry knob for every effect plugin in the mixer as well (like in Reaper). Any chances of this happening?

I didn’t read the whole thread before posting