[solved] Slow startup & occasional GUI freeze with huge user lib

3.1 seems slow, sometimes really slow in loading songs. Basically it’s sitting at “Activating the new song…” in the splash for 5 seconds (used to be close to zero), but sometimes it’s more like 20-30 seconds. Nothing special in the log.

The songs were created using 3.0, but resaved in 3.1, and I wouldn’t say they’re especially large, neither in file size, track count or complexity.

I’d be happy to send a song off list + submit any debug information that could help.

On my system with xfce4, the renoise GUI becomes unresponsive for about 5 seconds when I’m switching back to the desktop containing renoise. Just occurred to me it might (or might not) be related to the “slow loading” issue: https://forum.renoise.com/t/solved-slow-startup-occasional-gui-freeze-with-huge-user-lib/44642

EDIT: I have to click the instrument list (top right) to trigger this…

Thats strange.Is the disk browser open and showing some network drive content? Could you try if the same happens when hiding the disk browser?

Does this happen with any song or more often with a specific song. Maybe more often when some plugins are used?

No disk browser open. Happens with any song, but (new discovery) only with renoise native instruments. So if I switch back to desktop with renoise and select either a blank instrument or a vst instrument, everything is fine. The 5 second GUI freeze is kicking in the first time (after switching back to the desktop with renoise on it) I select a renoise native instrument.

I disabled all installed tools, just to make sure there wasn’t something there causing the problem, but unfortunately, that didn’t change anything :frowning:

What’s visible in the native Renoise instrument? The sample waveform or something else? Does it happen with any of them?

Is the Instrument Editor detached?

Does it go away if you hide all of the panels below the Instrument List (Macros, Phrases and so on)?

Two screenshots where the problem occurs (basically I can trigger it with any layout. If the “Instrument Box” and I’m using Alt+arrow up/down to select instrument, there’s still GUI freeze…



More testing:

Problem is there in all 3.1 betas, not in 3.0.1 (so something’s changed from 3.0 -> 3.1)

Tried switching to openbox, problem still there (so I guess it’s not xfce4)

Problem is both on my laptop and desktop, both running debian with xfce4 (so I guess it’s not hardware)

Hope this is solved, it’s really killing my workflow…

I could not replicate this so far here on 2 different Linux setups. Also no one else here seems to be able to replicate this - surely would have been reported.

So I’m on it, butIf this happens with every song, I honestly have absolutely no idea what causes this, so this will be hard to “fix”.

You’re also saying in your first report that loading songs"sometimes" is really slow. So this does not happen every time for you. Any chance to find out more info about this then?

If you have a song where this always happens, share it with us please.

EDIT: also could help if you share your Renoise preferences file with us - and also try if removing it, then restarting Renoise makes any difference.

Yeah, I totally understand.

Maybe I should have edited out information as I dug deeper, sorry bout that. The current status:

Happens with every song both slow loading (waiting about 5 secs in “Activating the new song…” in the splashwhen calling renoise with a xrns as commandline arg + same when loading a song from renoise file-open menu) and the GUI-freeze when refocusing renoise and selecting a native instrument.

Tried removing .renoise, problem persists.

Here is a problem song + my Config.xml



Have you installed a lot of user presets, maybe create some symlinks to other (possibly remote) locations in “/home/YOUR_USER/Renoise/User Library”?

Have you installed a lot of user presets, maybe create some symlinks to other (possibly remote) locations in “/home/YOUR_USER/Renoise/User Library”?

Bingo, that’s it!!! Thanks alot! I love you! For me this rises two questions:

  1. Maybe something could be optimized in the User Library code?

  2. If I’m not supposed to add my stuff to the user library, then what’s it good for?

I must admit I haven’t had time to play with the user library, but thought it sounded promising, since navigating my disk from within renoise has always seemed rather cumbersome. Maybe I should just read the docs on the new feature.

While we’re at it I added a suggestion for what I’d like to see for better disk navigation:


Of course you are supposed to add your stuff into the user library. But it’s not really meant as a replacement for the disk browser.

How big is your user library now? Have you added/linked your entire sample/instrument library there?

I’ll check if there is some (portable) way of speeding this up, but we need to scan and rescan the folder at some point. It’s rescanned when leaving Renoise and getting back to it, cause you !may! have changed something there in another application. Just finding out that nothing changed will take a while if the library is huge, because all content of all sub folders are shown in the library.

Ok, so I may have abused the user library :slight_smile:

I symlinked my sample collection (42Gb) and renoise instruments (4.8Gb), so that might have been a little too much…

Maybe there could be a setting in the preferences, making renoise 1) only scan the library on focus (current way it works) 2) on startup and 3) never + a “scan now” button? Kind of similar to the plugin scanning is handled. I’d imagine that most of the time users don’t add stuff to the library while running renoise. I mean in and out of focus is like all the time (although I’m not entirely sure when this kicks in, but it felt like all the time for me with the 5 seconds wait) while working in renoise.

Could you comment on the idea of improving navigation in the disk browser?