[solved: template issue] Midi Cc

Hi everybody,

A big fan of Renoise here, but I’m unfortunatly a midi-noob… :D

I have a Novation ReMOTE SL25 (love it) midi controller.

My question is:
How do I record the input “live” from the midi controller to VSTI’s (e.g. Z3ta+) in Renoise and thereby create automation curves from the controller?

Not just a single point like in the Automation Device (if this is the only thing this device can do).
I think it’s the Midi CC-device I need to use, but I can’t get it to work.

Anyone can explain it really down to earth?


I have searched the forum, but can’t see anyone with the same problem beside from xerxes.

And his problem seems to be the virus TI.


The virus Ti is an external device also having a VSTI plugin for control and the connection between the two requires a certain order of startup and setup.

If you just need to control a VSTI or VST plugin from Renoise with an external MIDI controller all you need is to set the correct MIDI In device A or B in the MIDI Master/Keyboard mapping preferences.

If you have picked the MIDI controller that your Remote is attached to, then the MIDI Mapping procedures should work without problem:

VST plugins work very easily using the documentation. To control VSTI’s you need to add the Automate Device to the DSP rack and attach it to your VST Instrument. From there you can control your automate device using the MIDI controller using the same methods described in the MIDI Mapping procedure:


Thanks for the reply, and I have to say that I had read the documentation.
But ok ok, it’s just that I’m a little thick. So the procedure for my problem is:

  1. Set up the midi device (done)
  2. Load VSTI - record some notes (done)
  3. Load an Automation Device → set parameter from VSTI (done)
  4. Right-click parameter i Automation Device and Midi Map it (yet to test)
  5. Record live (while patterns are roling) to Automations from selected parameter(s) i Automation Device (yet to test)

Right? Or am I missing something in between?

I’ve done all this, but it stille doesnt record my live tweaks into fine automation curves when in record mode and patterns are roling by…? Why is this?

Please somebody, if you know the answer, explain…



Is it maybe the way the Novation ReMOTE transmit effect change. Maybe it’s not transmitting Midi CC. Anyone with a ReMOTE, who can answer, or just anyone??? :slight_smile:

I’ve tried and tried now… and I can’t get the midicontroller to act like the right mouse button recording my every move.

And I don’t get it, because the sliders on the Automation Device are sliding real time whilst in record mode and playing???

Please help guys - any experts with a que???

I think your problem is that you haven’t enabled record while playing… When recording with right mouse button you don’t have to be in record-mode, when recording with a midi-controller you do

I have done all the above, and ofcourse I’m in record mode…

I think maybe my problem lies in the way my controller sends the midi signal.


But thanks for your replys!

Solved the problem!!! yeah
And thanks for the support!

The problem was that the controller was controlling the VSTI (Z3ta+) because of an automatic loading of the Z3ta+ Automap.

Therefore the controller was already busy sending messages elsewhere.

I solved it by making a new template on the ReMOTE.
I must say, I can recommend buying a midi controller!


ive got an old oxygen 8 i want to use with renoise,hope i doesent ran into alot of problems

I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble. The midi work in Renoise is pretty easy if you follow the tutorial. But I had some trouble because of Automap in the Novation ReMOTE.

sounds good,now i just need my usb-cables back from my friend who have borrowd them

was wondering if anyone here have had a yamaha rm1x working with renoise??

I’ve been toying with my SU700 (sort of precursor to rm1x) with the M-Audio Uno and it SEEMS to work fine. At least mapping and recognizing everything, haven’t really recorded with it. If you figure out a good way to use the pads let me know! :D

PIGGYBACK QUESTION: Once I get all my midi mapping nice and layed out for a particular song, what happens when I edit the song without the device connected (which happens often since I’m using a laptop and carry it around the house depending on mood)? Anyone forsee problems with “here today - gone tommorrow” midi devices?