[SOLVED] VST3 & Side-Chain Support in Renoise

I posted the bulk of the details into the Ideas & suggestions ‘Real Sidechaining’ thread here (https://forum.renoise.com/t/real-sidechaining/38031), but I thought this deserved more visibility.

After a week of scraping the net trying to figure out a way to use melda MMorph inside Renoise, I stumbled across a utility called DDMF Metaplugin that does this and more (http://www.kvraudio.com/product/metaplugin-by-ddmf):

  • Works as a 32/64-bit VST, AU, RTAS, or AAX plugin on Windows/Mac
  • Works as either an effect plugin or instrument plugin - same tool/functionality in both cases
  • Can host VST, VST3, AU, RTAS, or AAX plugins (and 32-bit plugins in the 64-bit version using JBridge/JBridgeM)
    • NOTE: For clarification, this is legally restricted in that you can’t load RTAS or AAX plugins in a non-ProTools host
  • Provides easy to setup midi, audio, and side-chain routing between all it’s hosted plugins
  • Provides customizable automation parameters that can be easily mapped to any of it’s hosted plugins as needed
  • Provides midi and audio in/out channels to host (Renoise in this case)
  • Solid - unlike similar tools I’ve tried, it has not crashed on me once (Core i7, 8GB Mem, Win7 64-bit, Renoise 3.1.0, Focusrite Solo)
  • Resizable window to accommodate several plugins and more complex routing
  • Relatively inexpensive ($49, periodic sales)

With this solution, I’ve been able to load, config,and automate the VST3 version of melda MMorph and other tools. The audio quality has been clear, the Metaplugin CPU utilization low, and the ease of use phenomenal. I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking for this functionality.

And just in case - I have zero relationship with DDMF or anyone that works there beyond finding and purchasing this product last night after searching KVR for VST plugins that can host VST3 and working through that list (painful, ultimately worth it).

Good luck, very much hope this helps others.


hmm interesting :slight_smile: thanks!!


I think the same result can be done with this one:

Renoise is missing wet/dry slider for vst effects --> workaround

Downloading now, will check that out. I don’t see mention of support for hosting VST3 explicitly, but that isn’t explicitly required if it can still effectively route side-chain audio.


I downloaded MuTools MUX and started to dig into it before realizing it isn’t freeware - which is totally fine, it looks like it may well be worth the price too, I’ve just got too many other tools and things to dig through already on top of making music, so I set it to the side.

But yeah, likely it works the same way. Blue Cat Audio’s Patchwork gave me a lot of trouble (crashing when unloading plugins), and doesn’t appear to support side-chaining unless the host itself already does and passes those channels in as well, so I ruled that one out.

with MUX u can build far more usable front-end (although AFAIK it hasn’t got VST3 support), so it can hide the inner routing structure with lovely front-end components

for ex. can build an Ableton Live like device rack like something, with macros

in 1 min (can drop another MUXes into the rack of MUXes so MIDI/Side etc. chaining also possible), drag and drop macro control assigning also superb in it

EnergyCrush for the WIN! Find out to finally get true sidechaining in Renoise here… https://forum.renoise.com/t/real-sidechaining/38031

Ok, of course that works. But side chaining does not happen then IN renoise. It will happen in the provided plugin host.

@EnergyCrush, I just got DDMF and want to thank you very much for sharing the advice.

I was a bit sceptical at first, but this is amazing. Not only for enabling side-chaining, but also for enabling parallell routing. This covers some long awaited features that would take a lot of resources for the devs to cover natively.

I can imagine that containing VSTi/VST-fx like this will become second nature in my Renoise workflow. It might possibly even improve tidiness in songs and chains, contrary to my fear that it would only further clutter my workflow with complicated routings.


  • No feedback support in DDMF metaplugin (yet).

  • Could prohibit (or rather complicate) some advanced uses of native meta devices, when they absolutely must be in the middle of a chain.

  • Ugly text in the metaplugin GUI background.

  • Not free. Pay the price of keep nagging the Renoise devs :slight_smile:


  • Side-chaining and parallell routing inside Renoise (contained).

  • Pretty seamless integration with Renoise workflow. Feels simple and at home in the environment.

  • Nothing seems “broken”. Midi out for arpeggiators work when you’re using the VSTi version.

EDIT: I’m having trouble getting it to work with melda plugins (sidechain inputs). Awaiting conclusion…

I think PDC is not supported…

I think PDC is not supported…

No problem here as far as I can tell. There is a “Set PDC” button that seems to set the correct compensation.

This thread was a life-saver, thanks. I was also looking for a way to use mmorph and metaplugin worked like a charm. Now I can run Ircam Spat in Renoise too!