Renoise is missing wet/dry slider for vst effects --> workaround




you can just do this normally with #send


A pity Mutools Mux still is not available for Mac OSX…


you can just do this normally with #send

Wet/dry Control On Effects
Sample DSP chain wet/dry
Dry/wet Slider On Compressor
Wet/dry For Ladspa
Dry/Wet for Sends
Simple doofer addition: dry-wet- / amount - slider
Vst Effect Dry/wet Mix
We Need A Native Dry/Wet Device
Standard dry/wet mix control on all DSP?/
Tool Idea -Dry/wet Metadevice


you can just do this normally with #send

It’s not really a replacement for wet/dry though, what if you want to process more after that point in the chain, what if you need to do it several different times per track. Things could quickly get very messy and big with just a few tracks, not to mention messing up grouping.