Some Kind Of "horizontal Transport Timeline"

I was watching this:

And that made me think of this:

Say: My “” big drop" is at pattern 15…
With this idea… I don’t have to go to pattern 14… fwding it till almost the end of that pattern… and wait to get to pattern 15 (where the “big drop” is located)…

Good idea or what? :rolleyes:

How is that waveform generated? Every time a note is added in any pattern anywhere in the song it will need to be recalculated! Maybe if it was only generated on clicked the Timeline tab, but then you would have to wait as long as it would take for you to render the song to load the tab, and then would it update itself as you make edits?

Just don’t think it’s really feasible. Use the Pattern names and give your Big Drop a name to easily find it.

A traditional arranger would cover this. Let’s pray.

It’s not really about the waveform-display to me… it’s about “quick-moving” through the song…
the transport-timeline doesn’t have to be the songs’s waveform.

Scroll to the Pattern you want, Right Click on the Cue arrow in the Arranger.

and back?

the drop is in the beginning at pattern 15… I just want to have an option like here @ 0.40

from build up to drop… and then again… from build up to drop… fast

Loop the two (or more) patterns you want to play looped.

Sure the arranger could be improved and sure it will be at some point though…

In lack of an arranger-type native solution, I guess a simple song marker tool might be a quick fix? Maybe hotkeys to insert a marker at current sequence position&line, keys to move to next/previous marker, and a gui to select marker from list and to manage them (remove/rename etc…)

That wouldn’t seem like a huge effort… Keeping them updated regarding adding/removing patterns from sequence might prove to be the biggest obstacle, if that’s an essential feature.

Actually, I found this. Seems a bit old, but could be something to build upon… :)

Thanks. I’ve actually been thinking about building upon it, in the lines of your suggestions. What is putting me off is the inability to graphically show markers in the pattern editor. It wouldn’t feel like a perfectly usable tool.

thanks KMaki for mentioning the tool and thanks joule for making it!!! very usefull!