Some Strange New Song

Industrial BrainDamage Inc

Been making music in trackers since octmed on the amiga and i love
doing it. I only do it for fun though, love to experiment with sounds.
Since i have litle or no ambitions i tend to not finish anything. This
has to be the first one in many years i guess ;)

Anyhow i have no idea what to do with a finished tune so
i thought it would be fun to hear what other trackers think :)

This xrns is actually just about 530kb big. no lame sample tracking ;) And
some trusty vst’s offcourse !

Also. i have tried to master this as good as i can. I only have some 5 year old altec lansing sattelites and woofer. so it’s not easy :)
Maybe some of you serious trackers has decent studio monitors ?

here goes :…amage%20inc.mp3

Okay had to do some minor adjustments to the song.
The old link is dead.

OMG. if the first link is sluggish try the number 2 !
Both is the same exact song…

Use this:
Industrial Braindamage Inc.

Industrial Braindamage Inc.

I really do like this! Great sounds and good structure. The rhythm makes you nod your head ^^

Take my advice: finish some more tracks and let us enjoy them. :D

agreed. more music, please! i’m always excited to hear some creative use of stereo and some off-beat rhythms… thanks a lot for that! keep up the creative stuff! bags of potential here.

if you get a chance, let me know what you think of my stuff here :)

thanks for all the positive feedback ! Nice
that somebody else nods their heads around :)

And xerxes/sinatra you beasts… i actually finished a tune you
would never bellive that now would you ;)

i liked the atmosphere, mix wise nothing was out of place tho i wished for a bit more bass overall (taste things i guess) also perhaps it could use some kind of stabby melody thing. but nice. finish more ! ;)

that’s a nice one !

it’s very “primal” :).

this one stays on my harddisk, great job :).

ps: what are the vsts used here ?

Sphongle in a dark place!!!

it totaly made love to my ear-channels and made me pregnant with
a feeling of doing some devilish :drummer:

noise = :walkman:

Oh i forgot to answer on wich vst’s i used. gonna
make a list as soon as i come home. if your’e still interested.

Btw thanks for all the comments and feedbacks, it’s always welcome positive or not :)

Cool industrial this is
I like it


This is pretty cool. I like it.

Very nice,i really enjoyed it!

congrats on finishing ur first renoise tune:)

great rythm

God Damn. Or as we would say here up north. Svarte faen :)

C-Zar finished a track. And do I agree with the Shpongle post. This rocks

You got your groove back. I’m inspired

How come you did’nt tell me about this earlier, you fag you ;)

+Added to my iTunes library